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| April 12, 2013

Ever thought to your self what the best smartphones are on the market today? every so often new smartphones are realeased into the market from Apple, Samsung, Sony to HTC, I will round up the 10 best smartphones on the market today and review them for you.

Sony Xperia Z
Sony’s comeback phone could be a prime device – it’s got a beautiful, HD screen and a water-resistant style that produces a true, minimalist style. with a 5inc screensize , it feels huge within the hand due to the sq. corners, however it’s conjointly positioned to capitalise on its size: that screen extremely comes into its own enjoying films, the 13MP camera appearance virtually pretty much as good as several standalone cameras and however it all comes during a package less than 8mm thin.

Add in android apps that create Sony’s entertainment network helpful and there’s lots to love. It’s conjointly got a good vary of accessories offered the tablet Z.

Screen: 5”, one920x1080; Processor: 1.5GHz quadcore; Storage space of 16GB,  a Micro SD slot; Camera capacity of: 13.1 Mega Pix, 1080p;146g

Sony Xperia Z smartphone

Sony Xperia Z smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S3
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the dominant android phone on the market – that’s due to its wonderful performance, a style that whereas plastic still feels premium, and clever options like sensible keep, that keep the screen on if you’re gazing it by following your eyes, sensible decision that automatically calls contacts if you’re gazing their details and elevate the phone to your face. There’s conjointly the computer-type chance to separate the screen between 2 apps. Samsung’s data of innovation is exceptional at intervals the android arena, and boost this the actual fact that it’s the only android device with a true system of accessories, as well as customized charging packs to supplement the already good battery. It’s a tool that actually offers additions to the vacant Google OS.

Screen: 4.8”, one280x720; Processor: 1.4GHz quadcore; Storage: 16 or a 32GB, MicroSD; Camera: 8Mega Pix, 1080p; 133g

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Google LG Nexus 410 Best smartphones

LG’s Nexus device could be a pure Google expertise, with no elaborations however those created by Google themselves. intrinsically it takes some customising however at £239 while not a contract several customers are completely convinced that it’s a superb device. They’re right, and running the newest android OS it conjointly options updates direct from Google and extra options that haven’t created it to several different handsets however, as well as the photo Sphere technology meaning you’ll take immersive panoramas, also as wireless charging. The screen isn’t as huge as rivals, the look isn’t as conspicuous and – silly because it sounds – the rear is ridiculously slippery. however this is often Google’s best discount however.

Screen: 4.7”, 768×1280; Processor: one.5GHz quadcore; Storage: 8 or a 16GB version ; Camera: 8Mega Pix , 1080p; 139g

Google LG Nexus 4

Google LG Nexus 4

HTC One 10 Best smartphones

The latest phone from troubled big HTC is during a sense a come to make – the new camera is dubbed ultrapixel attributable to its exceptional low-light performance, and known as Zoe when the zoetrope. There’s conjointly a brand new interface that adds to android and seeks to mixture all of your social media and news feeds into one place, nice sound and a screen pretty much as good because the Xperia Z. HTC is aware of that abundant of this is often to undertake to fill idle moments once you’d be twiddling with your phone anyway however the impact is to nudge towards a awfully completely different quite grieve package. It’s easy and design-wise there’s conjointly lots to love within the solid aluminum unibody construction and a stunning screen. HTC deserves to try and do well with this device, and will however recapture its glory days.

Screen: 4.7”, one920x1080; Processor: 1.7GHz quadcore; Storage: 16 and 32GB available ; Camera: 4MP Ultrapixel, 2688×1520; 143g

64 white GB HTC One best smartphone of 2013

64 GB HTC One

Apple iPhone 5
Apple’s iPhone five is out and away the simplest iPhone the corporate has ever created and as a chunk of style it’s an ideal combination of type and performance. Users of the iPhone tend to use considerably a lot of information than others, due to downloading apps and surfing the net, thus it is sensible to induce the new device on Britain’s quickest network, the new EE. meaning the iPhone’s quick processor isn’t being command back by creaking infrastructure and you’ll fancy iOS6’s latest options, as well as updates to voice management Siri and, sadly, some terrible maps. If you transfer Google Maps, however, that problem’s solved . Apple remains the best OS to use and this beautiful light-weight iPhone’s still the UK’s best marketing handset by miles.

Screen: 4”, 1280×720; Processor: A6; Storage: 16,32 or 64GB; Camera res of 8MP, 1080p; 112g

Apple iPhone 5 62 gb

Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
At 5.5”, the Galaxy Note 2 is each a phone and a tablet – thus the ‘phablet’ moniker. however the maximum amount of the attractiveness comes the distinctive S-Pen technology. This stylus permits you to garner further info regarding what’s on the device’s screen just by hovering on top of it, and also the superfast processor implies that this is often a tool that’s as snug as a media consumption device because it is as a piece unit. for a few meaning the Note 2 is neither one thing nor the opposite, however many folks still use this it as their main, sole device. it\’s going to appear as if an over-sized phone, however its benefits are goodish. giant screen and spectacular capabilities aside, it’s conjointly blazing a brand new path.

Screen: 5.5”, one280x720; Processor: 1.6GHz quadcore; Storage capacity of: 16/32/64GB, MicroSD; Camera: 8MP, 1080p; 183g

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with pen

BlackBerry Z10
Blackberry’s new handset is one on that the failing Canadian big is promise lots of hope – and there are new options that create it stand out. Key to the current could be a keyboard that aims to use a touchscreen to deliver the sort of performance that several had come back to like from a physical version, and it works as good as. however there’s conjointly the ‘Peak and flow’ method of exploitation it, which suggests your inbox, combining everything from email to Facebook and LinkedIn or Twitter, is dead one hub, from that you’re one swipe away to no matter you wish as a result. BlackBerry Balance, too, helps you to split work and home if you’re using the BlackBerry Enterprise Service. lots to love, then, however not the library of apps necessary to form a contemporary smartphone nice.

Screen: 4.2”, one280x768; Processor: 1.5GHz dualcore; Storage: 16GB, Micro SD card; Camera has a 8 Mega Pix , 1080p; 138g

black and white BlackBerry Z10`

black and white BlackBerry Z10

Samsung Galaxy S2
This is a past master of mobile phone technology – these days the S2 makes this list as a result of it’s merely such an inexpensive, wonderful device. It’s offered free on discount contracts and however it still offers virtually everything you may wish from a smartphone. a superb version of android, increased with clever touches from Samsung that enhance the calendar and a number of different very little details. ok to run the Chrome mobile browser, One questions only about whether or not the pace of innovation is thus quick that just about everyone will justify saving their cash and shopping for this, last year’s model. On an analogous note, you’ll conjointly want to think about the newer Samsung Galaxy 3 mini, a stripped back option avalaiable of the SG3 with a small screen, and less powerful processor and arguably a lighter look in smaller hands.

Screen: 4.3”, 480×800; Processor: one.2GHz dualcore; Storage: 16GB, Micro SD Card; Camera: 8Mega Pix ,  1080 pi; Size: 125x66x8.5mm, 116g

black Samsung Galaxy S2

black Samsung Galaxy S2

Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia’s Lumia vary remains the one that will best by Microsoft’s new Windows Phone OS, in giant half as a result of they augment it with options like Here Maps and music services that mean you’ve perpetually got alittle of freely accessible music at hand. however the Windows Phone OS remains the key focus: it uses live tiles instead of icons which means that your home screen offers helpful nuggets of knowledge, whether or not that’s from Facebook or your own email. It’s a new, easier thanks to use a smartphone that ought to be hospitable to new users and integrates with Windows 8 during a method that may only offer a lot of helpful ‘synergies’ within the future. the matter, tho’ is that the lack of apps – Microsoft is obtaining there, with the iPlayer incoming shortly. Nokia’s style, at least, makes the Lumias beautiful to carry, though the Lumia 920 pays for its huge screen with serious weight.

Screen: 4.5”, one280x768; Processor: 1.5GHz dualcore; Storage: 32GB; Camera: eight.7MP, 1080p; 185g

yellow Nokia Lumia 920

yellow Nokia Lumia 920

Apple iPhone 4S
Apple’s previous model iPhone hardly lacks any of the options of the newest version. it’s one row fewer on its home screen, which means you can’t match quite identical variety of icons on in one go, however in terms of whether or not you’ll use the voice assistant Siri or whether or not you’ll run all identical apps, the 4S is much pretty much as good because the 5. And it’s the crucial advantage of being considerably cheaper. it\’s going to more or less have the slimline attractiveness or the sunshine feel of the five, however within the face of good savings, Apple fans could struggle to resist this recent classic, even with its tiny screen.

Screen: 3.5”, 960×640; Processor: 800MHz dualcore; Size: 115x59x9.3mm, 140g Storage of a nice : 16GB; Camera has a 8Mega Pix, 1080p;

All costs vary by contract. 4G versions of the S3, Z10, iPhone 5, Note 2 of and others are either offered or due imminently.

Apple iPhone 4S best smartphone

white 32GB Apple iPhone 4S


Hope you have enjoyed this list of the best smartphones of 2013 , feel free to post updates and comments on the below section..

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