5 Key Features to Expect in the Future of Smartphones

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Future Smartphones Technology Will Make Today’s Siri Look Simple…

As the name suggests, future Smartphones possess smarter capabilities than mobile phones, providing then extra, currently essential functions like net browsing, transmission multimedia, games etc – very similar to mini-computers, solely small enough to suit in your pocket. Smartphones appeared within the market near 20 years ago because the various to mobile phones that carry the first function to alter only two-way communication by text or calls. The future Smartphones of these days produce other extended capabilities together with in-built high-quality camera lens, mobile apps that aid richness, video-streaming also as connectivitiy that enable millions to remain connected whereas on the go.



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What should we expect to check within the development of future Smartphones within the near future, say within the next 5 to 10 years? this can be most likely hard to predict with accuracy as a result of the quick pace tech evolutions are riding on. Yet, as we expect with anticipation, why not observe the present trends and create some wild guesses on wherever smartphones are heading? You shall see below one or two of options for future Smartphones which will become the focal points for development within the near future.

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1. Augmented Reality (AR) future Smartphones

The term ‘augmented reality‘ or AR once utilized in the context of computer technology refers to what we have a tendency to understand through our senses (usually sight) increased through the utilization of computer-generated sensory input like sound, video, graphics and GPS data. Simply put, AR makes accessible more data for us users by combining computer data to what we have a tendency to see in world. using the camera on your phone, you’ll point it somewhere ‘live’ to get an info overlay of wherever you can find the closest cafes or eating places, for example.

smartphones augmented-reality

smartphones augmented-reality

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2. Flexible Screens future Smartphones

It may presently be the case wherever future Smartphones are in a position give a large screen to look at and play your favorite movies and games whereas maintaining a small size. Screens are often folded and unfolded , all because of Organic LED (OLED) technology. This paper-thin screen will project future-features-smart-phones from each side of the screen, thus you’ll show photos or videos to your friend on one aspect whereas using the other as an impression. explore this idea smartphone by Ikev.

smartphone Flexible Screens

smartphone Flexible Screens

With such physical flexibility for smartphones, some corporations even have plans on create wearable smartphones for the lots. as an example, Nokia is presently conducting analysis on their conception device, Morph (http://research.nokia.com/morph), that offers users the choice of carrying it as a wrist watch or unfold it to use as a typical telephone as and once needed. It all depends on the task the users area unit partaking with.

3. In-Built Projector future Smartphones

versatile screens aren’t enough to compensate for the tiny screens on smartphones why not integrate a projector within? Samsung Galaxy Beam was discharged back within the second half of 2010. It options a inherent DLP (Digital lightweight Projection) WVGA projector that’s able to project future-features-smart-phones at up to fifty inches in size at fifteen lumens.

smartphone projector-phone

smartphone projector-phone

What smart can this do? Well, for one issue, future smartphones will truly be became an interactive play consoles without a requirement for a TV screen; all you’ll need may be a flat surface. rather than a physical controller, you’ll use your body or your voice. almost like Kinect, a sensible camera and a voice control operation will capture your movements and voice commands to allow you to interact with objects and future Smartphones on the projected screen.

Of course, you’ll imagine the drain rate on your smartphone’s battery life and there’s additionally the opposite issue with luminosity i.e. the quantity of light it outputs. In-built projectors for smartphones should be tiny, and because the contradiction sits: the smaller the projector is, the lesser light-weight it’ll be able to provide out. With higher technology tho’, problems like these are addressed  in time, creating projectors a district of a brand new expertise you’ll currently interact along with your future Smartphones.

4. Seamless Voice Control future Smartphones

Voice control has been receiving a lot of attention since Siri created headlines. Voice control has existed in several earlier mobile phones although the voice recognition perform was crude at the best. analysis has been created to advance the event of voice control, however it’s tested to be a paramount task.

Siri might need signaled a breakthrough to the method voice control and recognition programming have to be compelled to be created. rather than recognizing commands via sound waves like most voice-recognition systems, Siri interprets diction and syntax in an exceedingly similar fashion to however we acknowledge speech. Such language User Interfaces convince be simpler and correct.

smartphone Seamless Voice Control

smartphone Seamless Voice Control

(Image Source: vladstudio)

The interest with voice control for computers and particularly smartphones has continuously been there since the pioneer mit analysis, “Put That There” studied other ways to speak with computers in 1980. With the fresh improved voice recognition app, Siri, also because the larger capabilities of smartphones within the years to come, seamless voice control appears to be a viable goal. That, combined with gestures could bring interactivity to a brand new level for future Smartphones and their users.

5. 3D Screens & Holograms future Smartphones

future Smartphones could have already reached the height for their screen resolution with Apple’s ‘Retina Display‘, that truly provides a resolution that’s sharper than what the human eye will understand. Yet, even then, we have a tendency to still need a lot of. Mobile corporations are currently moving from 2nd future-features-smart-phones to 3D future-features-smart-phones for the smartphone screen. At present, we’ve got one or two of 3D smartphones within the market, like the LG Optimus 3D, the Motorola MT810 also because the terribly initial Samsung AMOLED 3D. thus what happens once 3D future Smartphones?

smartphones 3d-phone

smartphones 3d-phone

(Image Source: laptopmag)

Well, future path might probably be holographic projections. In essence, holographic projections can mean a mix of 3D future-features-smart-phones and projections from the smartphone. consistent with Mobiledia Network, MasterImage 3D had antecedently showcased their in progress development on a projection system that enables smartphones to show 3D holograms at the annual Mobile World Congress last Feb. If you wish to speak concerning the potential of holographic projections in smartphones, it’s great. 3D displays are often integrated with future Smartphones..

Are you set for the future Smartphones ?

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