5 must-have Android business apps

| April 4, 2014

The 5 Android business apps that you can’t live without!

Smartphones have made life a lot easier for everybody, even businessmen with the help of some Android business apps. Nobody can live without a smartphone now, it has become our second portable PC, mainly because you can play games on it and do all sorts of things. Some apps in the Google app store cater do different needs, there are educational apps, media apps and Android business apps specifically designed for men of business. These apps help you keep everything organized, read documents on the go and, overall, make everything easier for you. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 apps you can’t live without!

The top 15 Android business apps

Locale, one of the most useful Android business apps

Locale is high up in the Android business apps list

This little thing can do wonders, and it’s free. It knows where you are via your phone’s GPS and can automatically put your device in silent mode when you’re at the office or on normal when you’re at home. So long embarrassing ring tones at meetings! This is one of the most useful Android business apps just because of that, a lot of people forget to turn their phone to silent or vibrate and it can ruin a meeting within a matter of seconds. Never leave home without it.

Documents to go

Android business apps

This is one of those Android business apps strictly oriented to business. It basically allows you to read any form of document on your phone so you don’t have to wait to get on the nearest PC. This one is not free, it costs about 30$, but it’s indispensable nonetheless. Everybody, at one point in their life, has found themselves in the not so pleasant situation when they have to read a document the very next second but can’t because there’s no PC or laptop in sight. Well, your problems are solved now!


Android business apps, GDocs

If your company uses Google Docs then this app is for you. You can view them more efficiently with this app than searching for them in your web browser. Amongst the other Android business apps this one of them that still has some bugs, for example it doesn’t support some of the more advanced formats but it’s still a promising app nonetheless.


Bump is one of the Android business apps that replaces the business card

This app can easily make the business card obsolete, it changes contact info between smartphones by just bumping them together. No more wasting time to exchange phone numbers or email adresses, just bump your device to another one that has the same app and done.

Google Voice

Google Voice is considered one of the most useful Android business apps

One of the most amazing Android business apps! Basically, what this app does is integrate seamlessly with your phone and act as a better version of skype. It gives you your own Google number so you can be called by other people that have this app, transcribe voice-mail and, cheap international calls and whatnot. It seems Google is now trying to start their own phone company.

Round up

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed this article and found something usefull in it, if not, please leave a comment saying what are your favorite Android business apps!


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