The alleged “Galaxy F”

| June 6, 2014

A Galaxy F image roams the web showing a brushed metal finish

Galaxy F

There have been some rumors regarding a “premium” version of the Galaxy S5 that has been going on since the beginning of the year. Known as the Galaxy F or the Galaxy S5 Prime , this handset allegedly comes with a Quad HD screen, a faster processor and a premium finish that deviates from the old Galaxy S standard.

Now, even though this is only a press render, this picture can give us the first clear look at the Galaxy F.  At first sight, the thing that pops out first is the chromed frame around the device and the brushed metal finish of the back cover, which may be actual metal or a textured plastic similar to the one on the LG G3. Even though this all seems new, Samsung is no stranger to brushed metal textures, it used a very similar finish on the Ativ S Windows Phone.

The flash, camera and heart rate monitor seem on the Galaxy F seem identical to the ones on the S but the front camera is in a different position, just to the right of the ear piece grille. The image is highly convincing but it still leaves room for doubts. For example, the dotted render of the screen seems a little odd with Samsung’s typical press shots, even more so for a device that is supposed to be super high res. Also there’s the date that coincides with the launch date of the Galaxy S5 at MWC in February. We can’t tell for sure if this image of the Galaxy F has the Samsung seal on it or not.

Regardless of its authenticity, we can safely say that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy F, if the corporation will choose that name, onto the market sometime this month. All that remains to be seen is that if the device will live up to the rumors.

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