Is Amazon really testing the new Kindle smartphone?

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Soon to be in a store near you!!! The Kindle smartphone



The Rumors have started!!!

Rumors are moving that a brand new Kindle smartphone might be hitting stores very soon. Sadly, there hasn’t been any official announcement made by Amazon.

Since last week a bunch of rumors have been lurking on the web about a Kindle smartphone because Amazon made some smartphone related patents. Most consultants agreed that, from the proof given, a Kindle smartphone is within the early stages of development.

However, a recent report has told us that the Kindle smartphone is way farther in the process development than some anticipated. In fact, the corporation can even begin testing it. These rumors come from the Wall Street Journal, a pretty reliable source.

The WSJ reports are often found on their website however it only states that Amazon is at the brink of testing a new device, if it hasn’t begun testing them already. The production of a Kindle smartphone might begin later this year. Some predict the phone might arrive in time for the holidays, while others assume we’ll have wait till early 2014 to put our hands on the rumor “Kindle phone”.

Kindle smartphone specifications

When it’s about the Kindle phone specs, the rumors tend to be a lot vaguer. Some people say the screen is between four and five inches, however no one is actually sure. Any info concerning the processor and alternative hardware specs is currently unknown.

If Amazon will enter the smartphone on the market, it will be at the time when it will face stiff competition. Apple’s iPhone 5 is currently in development and it might be released before the Kindle Phone.

Standing out from the packed smartphone market might be troublesome for Amazon. However if they’ll replicate the success of the Kindle – and make their cheaper, accessible on-line store to the world of smartphones – then their flagship phone will definitely have a fighting chance.

The concept of a Kindle smartphone is intriguing. It sounds like it might be an excellent win for Amazon. Another next step for them would be some kind of laptop; in that way you might even have a seamless integration across platforms like you would have with Apple. A lot of people on the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook – why not a own a Kindle phone, Kindle tablet, and Amazon laptop?

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