Android HTC First smartphone review

| December 2, 2013

Is Android HTC First just a piece of hardware used only for Facebook Home, or a real candidate for your next smartphone purchase?

There are a few things in the mobile business that have remained constant over a few years, one of those things would be a rumor of a legendary “Facebook Phone”, the thought that a phone should revolve it’s services around Facebook did not make a lot of sens to the majority, nor to Facebook. We do not have a fully-fledged  “Facebook Phone” yet, but at a news conference on April fourth something close was announced  the Android HTC First smartphone.

In many ways the HTC First is not the main character in this “legendary” story. You wouldn’t be the only one who thinks that this smartphone is merely a bunch of hardware for Facebook’s new edge, the Facebook Home software. There are many people in this world that own different Android based smartphones who just download Facebook Home via Play Store and won’t even consider buying HTC’s First. This is the main argument why Facebook won’t make a phone of their own when people can just get the Home software off of Play Store.

So will Facebook really care about the success of this device, or did it raise the Android HTC First just to point out off Home at the press conference? Regardless of this whole story, there are a lot of interesting new features and specs on this smartphone enough to make you consider buying it.



Android HTC First smartphone battery life

Battery life is extraordinarily subjective because it depends a lot on your usage, however, in our own time with the device we have a tendency to overuse it and in the end we were pleased. The 2000mAh non-removable battery fared well to my daily usage, considering the fact that I typically spend 90-percent of my time on a robust wireless local area network signal, within the middle of town with a powerful cellular signal. Even though this is not quite torture testing, I had no problems going a whole day (and thensome) on the First.

Android HTC First is keeping that Super LCD screen cranked up in brightness hurting the battery slightly, however we do not assume you’ll need to be distressed regarding battery life on this device because ,as you can see in the image above , if you let the device idle on your table with very little “screen on” time, it’ll virtually last for days.

Android HTC First Smartphone

Android HTC First Smartphone

Android HTC First smartphone performance and value

In no way can the hardware of this phone be described as “mid-range”. With a Snapdragon 400 1.4Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM, you are not planning to see any delay using this phone even while running the most hard to please apps and games. Whereas the benchmarks could tell a distinct story (different does not imply accurate), do not be alarmed regarding the performance on the First simply because it has a Snapdragon 400 rather than a 600 or 800 on board. In daily use of shift between apps, maintaining texts, calls and email and surfing the internet the HTC First performed fabulously.

htc-first main menu

The bottom line

The HTC First definitely has a lot more going for it than it initially seems. The interior specs pack a lot more punch than you’d assume given its worth class, and the phone’s cover feels nice on the hands. The screen size of 4.3″ may be a refreshing sight, and one that’s extraordinarily crisp because of Android HTC First screen technology. And by disabling Facebook Home you can reveal a clean version of android 4.1,.

Those longing for absolutely the latest, greatest, biggest and quickest device (while it’s going to be a commission in today’s sensible phone market) will have to be compelled to look elsewhere, however do not look the other way until you’ve tested and fiddled with the HTC First for a couple of minutes. If instead you have been searching for a strong, cheap and a one hand device, the First could have simply ticked all of the boxes for you.

Android HTC First Smartphone

Android HTC First Smartphone

The good

You just cannot beat the standard of Android HTC First Smartphone recent screens, particularly at such a high component density. The First may be a refreshing step all the way down to a type issue because you’ll be able to really operate it in one hand, and therefore the understated industrial style appearance nice to our eyes. Even with it’s specs, the First performs extraordinarily well in daily use. If you do not like Facebook Home, a comparatively clean version of android 4.1 awaits you.

The bad

Facebook Home simply is not planning to work long-run for a colossal majority of users, and it is a relief that it is turned off. The speaker and vibration motor quality prompt you that some corners were cut in order to save prices on the hardware. We are able to deal with the capacitive keys, however there’s no reason in 2013 to possess a hardware Menu key on your android device. Camera quality is high above average, however it won’t blow your socks off .htc-first-camera

Android HTC First smartphone conclusion

Considering that Facebook Home is utterly disabled, the Android HTC First smartphone could have initially been the decent spec’d 4.3″ device that a lot of users are shouting for. However if the improved engineering of this device still doesn’t convince you to ad it in your shopping cart, you can get it for 100$ on a contract from AT&T. If you are indifferent on screen size and easily desire a well-designed and solid activity phone, the First could also be  what you are looking for.

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