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| March 6, 2013

Firebox has introduced AnyGlove to the united kingdom, a liquid that, once applied to any try of gloves despite material, turns them into capacitive touchscreen gloves. you’ll be ready to text and management your smartphone or tablet exploitation your own favorite or work gloves, while not having to shop for a brand new special pair.

Make any glove into touchscreen glove for your Smartphone Touchscreen glove liquid

The bottle it comes in is fairly modest. it is a tiny plastic bottle that appears just like the variety of factor that individuals who wear contact lenses carry around with them. within are 550 drops of the AnyGlove resolution, that the corporate says ought to be enough to treat many pairs of gloves. Plus, one application ought to last weeks if not months.

The liquid within may be a grayish black color, therefore do remember that it would color light-coloured gloves. it’s a faint odour throughout application, however that fades fully once it’s absolutely dry.

Pocket-lint was sent a bottle of AnyGlove, therefore we tend to applied it to a try of sphenisciform seabird by Munsingwear black woollen gloves. however as a result of we’re impatient, we tend to tested the quickest thanks to have the merchandise up and running.

Make any glove into touchscreen glove for your Smartphone

Make any glove into touchscreen glove for your Smartphone

First, we tend to applied the quantity of resolution counseled within the enclosed, elaborated directions. you wish to be fairly significant handed (pardon the pun) and make sure that every fingertip is well coated. You then have to be compelled to rub finger and thumb along, and that we found that the facet profit to the present is that the thumb print terminated up well coated too, while not additional application.

You do this whereas sporting the gloves, therefore if your gloves square measure notably porous, like our woollen ones, can ought to wash your hands fairly sharpish because the liquid will bear them if you’ve got done it properly.

The touchscreen glove AnyGlove directions

Recommend that you just then dry the gloves totally. this can take up to a few hours if you are simply hanging them dead set dry, and half-hour during a tumble appliance (don’t accidentally place them on a wash cycle at now, though they will be washed once and retain their electrical phenomenon properties). we tend to took the fastest possibility, however, and used a hand blower. This took just about four minutes.

AnyGlove review a touchscreen glove

AnyGlove review a touchscreen glove

And it worked initial time. Well, mostly. On the fingers wherever we tend to applied the foremost resolution, it absolutely was like exploitation our fingers on associate iPhone five screen directly. On others it did not work therefore well.

In that case, AnyGlove recommends a second application. we expect that we tend to were most likely a little too cautious because it was the primary time with the liquid. the corporate also suggests that you just can ought to add additional coatings on animal skin, waterproof and extremely thick gloves, however there is many resolution within the bottle to try to to therefore.

A little whereas later and our glove, naturally, still works. we will even use pinch and zoom exploitation the forefinger and thumb. And there’s no physical sign that our favorite woollen gloves are any completely different. So, major thumbs up.

AnyGlove is on the market on currently for £19.99. Once applied, it works with any quite capacitive touchscreen, iPhone, iPad, humanoid and a lot of.

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