Apple WiFi fix for the iOS 6

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Apple Release WiFi Fix for iOS 6

Apple Wi-Fi fix for the iOS 6


Apple has issued a second update for the iOS 6, fixing a WiFi bug that affects the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. You may be connected to wireless local area network, however all of your information might not be going over that wireless network.

Apple released a Wi-Fi fix for the iOS 6

On Tuesday Apple finally released the Wi-Fi fix for the iOS 6 that targeted the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

Apple has little to no data regarding the fix. Its support website merely describes it as the 6.0.2 update that fixes the wireless local area network bug.

This latest fix for the iOS 6 is the second one since it’s release in September. The first bug fixed a lot of issues, one of them being the appearance of horizontal lines on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard and the calendar would remove conferences once the user accepts an invitation.

Apple didn’t want to comment when we asked them to give more information on the update.

No quality considerations

Some of Apple’s users didn’t even get a notification for updating the OS since it’s release and none of the iPhone users said that they’ve encountered problems when activating the Wi-Fi with the iOS 6.

You’d think that important updates like this one would have been pushed a little harder so that the users would be aware of them, this is a major indication that Apple has some corporate problems of their own.

It’s not uncommon for a new product to require bug fixes such as this one, says Tim Bajarin, president of Inventive Ways.

A major release can have some bugs, however Apple’s internal control is some of the best there is and their update releases fixes major bug issues without a problem.

Apple will launch their updates once they are ready for the market. In some cases, that will take almost a year, in other cases it might take only 8 months, he explained. And if there are some security issues they will fix id immediately.

On-the-fly fixing

It will seem, though, that Apple is pushing out fixes for the iOS at a high pace. This is bug fixing on the fly, says Carl Howe, director of research.

As soon as they notice a bug their first concern is to fix it.

The latest bug fix addresses a compatibility issue with 802.11 routers that use the 5-GHz band.

Routers that go with the 802.11 setting might support the 2.4-GHz or 5-GHz bands, or both. Routers supporting 802.11a, for instance, solely support five rate. But those with 802.11g will only support 2.4 GHz. Those with 802.11n support both.

The 2.4-GHz band is jam-packed, however, as a result of it being utilized by countless Bluetooth gadgets, conductor phones and baby monitors. Access to the 5-GHz band, that is a little less crowded, might give you a cleaner reception

The problem with the quality for 5-GHz LAN, in keeping with Howe, is that it is not a just a setting. In different words, router manufacturers can vary their implementation of it. Not all makers do 5 rate right, he declared, however users expect their devices to be compatible with their router even though the manufacturer made it flawed.

Such inconsistencies will trip up a device, which seems to be what happened to Apple. You are connected to a 5-GHz wireless local area network, however all of your information might not be going over that wireless network, thus you end up losing some information while it goes to another network, explained Morgan, mobile devices analyst at ABI analysis.

Between bug fixes and the Apple Maps, the iPhone 5 has received a lot of adverse packaging than most new iPhone models, however that may not impact sales, in keeping with Morgan.

Apple can sell forty million iPhones within the quarter ending on Dec. 31, he predicted. that may be a forty eight percent increase over sales throughout the previous quarter, once twenty seven million iPhones were sold .

However, that is less of the sales bump that occurred once the iPhone 4S was introduced in 2011. Then, quarter-to-quarter sales jumped virtually 118 %, from seventeen million to thirty seven million units.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 5 is going to be a winner for Apple, Howe believes. I assume are going to be stunned at what how iPhone 5′s are going to be sold .

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