Apple tests iPhone 6 smartphone

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Is Apple testıng ıts NEW iPhone 6 smartphone?

According to server logs seen by developers, clues concerning the next-generation iPhone are starting get really easy to find. If we assume that these sources are valid and that Apple is already testing the new hardware.

Apple releases a brand new iPhone and a brand new version of iOS once a year. Apple designer Johnathan Ive doesn’t just whip out some old thing at the last minute. The iPhone takes time to style, engineer and check. In fact, there is a term for it: It’s referred to as “research and development”.

New smartphones typically take between twelve and eighteen months from blueprint to retail. Apple is probably already started working on the iPhone seven and iPhone eight. In fact, in all probability it may have up to four new iPhones in different stages of development. This is often a development referred to as a “roadmap.” You know, an idea that spans many years so that the company is aware of where it’s headed. It’s a handy thing to have lying around.

iPhone 6 smartphone features

Not each smartphone may be a beauty like Apple’s iPhone. If you want more info on that, check the article about the 5 most ugly smartphones of 2012.

So what do the server logs tell the North American continent right now?

Apple uses a rather completely different code to reference its i-devices. As an example, we might call the most recent iPhone the iPhone five, however Apple refers to it as the the iPhone 5.1 or iPhone 5.2 depending on the type. The iPhone 4S was the iPhone 4.1, and therefore the iPhone 4 was the iPhone 3.1. These device names (think of them as chassis designators) can help you find the proper codename of what device is surfing the web, like the iPhone 6. The same goes for iPads. Server logs accidentally leaked this internal naming system years ago.

The “iPhone 6.1″ is their new device waiting for release. This suggest that this early version of the iPhone 6 is now being tested by engineers, one of their tests surfing the net right now, hence the server logs. The log tells the North American continent that Apple features a new piece of hardware on deck, however that is all. It does not give any details concerning the look, options or the rest.

We might have guessed the maximum amount of upgrades based on Apple’s past behavior of yearly hardware and computer code upgrades.

Though there is a rough correlation between the code name and the final name of the i-device, it’s not set in stone. If Apple sticks with its actual product naming theme, the iPhone 6.1 may truly be the iPhone 5S keep in mind, the iPhone 3G had the iPhone 3GS; followed by the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

At the end of the day, we’d like to assume that Apple is working hard on releasing an improved version of the iPhone.

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