Apple wants a retrial

| May 26, 2014

Apple wants a retrial over the Samsung patent case

Apple wants a retrial

A couple of weeks ago Google and Apple made peace after a long running feud over each others patents. On the other hand Samsung and Apple won’t agree to shake hands, the American manufacturer demanding a retrial.

In the previous case, Apple has accused Samsung of “systematically” copying features that are distinctive to the iOS. As expected, Samsung denied all allegations and pointed the finger at Apple, saying that they stole their patents. In the end, the jury found that Apple had infringed some patents from Samsung and awarded $158,000 in damages to the South Korean company. Initially, Apple had been seeking a $2.2bn dollar compensation after accusing Samsung of copying five of their patents.

Apple wants a retrial because of patent infringing

Now Apple wants a retrial and has also filed a permanent injunction to prevent Samsung using the patents it was found to have infringed.

Apple Insider reports that Apple, through court documents, is stating that any continued sale of any product from Samsung that is infringing its patents can cause the company “irreparable harm that cannot be remedied with monetary damages”.

Two years ago, a separate jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple the “modest’ sum of $930m after finding that it had been using Apple technology. That verdict is still being challenged by Samsung.

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