Apples wrap-around display for the iPhone 6

| November 15, 2013

Apple’s latest phone will have a wrap-around smart display, all-glass structure and face recognition

  • The new screen will be able to implement a new set of graphics than the other smartphones available
  • Pioneering technology like face recognition
  • A smartphone with the best screen out there

The latest device to return from the Apple design team could be art statement. The device will have an all glass construction complete with a wrap-around screen.

In a patent filing printed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark workplace, Apple has place in AN application for AN ‘Electronic device with wrap around show.’

The show would be able to wrap around the edges of the phone and even cover the backside, thus the whole device will become a huge screen.

Apples wrap-around display for the iPhone 6

Apples Wrap-around Display Iphone 6

A new feature from Apple will be the wrap-around screen.

The company wants to make a device with the latest screen technology available to mankind by employing a foldaway AMOLED display` that’s ‘unrolled’ into a clear structure.

This invention might set the new standard for smartphones. In the majority of the devices, the screen is just placed on the front of it but with Apple’s iPhone 6 the whole phone might be the screen.

Also some other features include face recognition and multitouch, also it will double as a 3D screen.

The star of the device is its wrap-around display, that is fitted into the clear chassis by folding, inserting, and ‘unrolling.’

Apples Wrap-around Display Iphone 6

By making the screen in such a fashion, the invention is ready set the standard for a new set of graphics. As with several mobiles, the screen isn’t solely a way to view content.

Instead the company will focus more on the implementation of gesture recognition to replace the use of the volume rocker and home button. Glass and some specific metal alloys will be used in the making of this phone to give it a real sci-fi look and an ultra premium feel.

Because the screen wraps entirely round the device it’s imperative that the device be equipped with a face recognition device, you wouldn’t want to hold the phone the other way around and wonder why the screen isn’t starting would you?

Sketches of the iPhone 6 wrap-around screen

Apples Wrap-around Display Iphone 6

Apples Wrap-around Display Iphone 6

To solve this matter, the user is tracked through face recognition by on-board cameras, with the system outputting visuals on the screen .

The device will also implement the usage of multiple screens, stacked on one another. This feature can allow anybody to view multiple content at the same time and create a 3D affect without the need of special glasses.

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