AT&T Galaxy S5 Active leaked

| May 24, 2014

The AT&T version of the Galaxy S5 Active showed up in a leaked press render

Galaxy S5 Active

When Samsung released the Galaxy S5 with its water and dust resistance features people believed that Samsung might ax its Galaxy Active series as a result. Recently, evidence has popped up on the net from leaked videos and other information that show what to expect from the new Galaxy S5 Active.

@evleaks has also disclosed what seems to be the very first press image of the new Galaxy S5 Active along with the promise that the device will be heading to AT&T later this year. Now this raises one question. Will the Galaxy S5 Active be an exclusive to AT&T? Taking into consideration the fact that the Galaxy S4 Active was also an exclusive to the network this wouldn’t be much of a surprise either, though it’s really too early to make assumptions.

Another huge question that pops up is what will the Galaxy S5 Active do that’s different from the original in terms of protection, besides the “standard” dust and water proof. Based on current information we can only expect better waterproofing and a higher durability from the Galaxy S5, though there might be, hopefully, some new tricks up the Galaxy S5 Active’s sleeve.

What do you think? Will the Galaxy S5 Active be worth it or will it just be the same product under a different name?

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