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| November 25, 2013

What is Android and what are Android smartphones

What is android ? This is a easy question but the answer is quite perplexing. If you search deeper for the word Android, you will get a lot of answers for the question “What is an Android smartphone?”. To answer it in a simply way, Android is an operating system for mobile phones. I will expand more about this in the later part of this article.

A lot of improvement can be seen these days in the field of smartphones, as the number of users grow day by day. Starting with simpler phones that were used just to make calls, now we have smartphones which that can even access GPS , GPRS, Wifi, NFC and a lot of other cool and advanced features which you will probably end up not using or knowing of.

So in this wireless world of this difficulty, Android is one of those operating systems that makes it easier of developers to make top quality smartphones.

what is android smartphone

All Android operating systems

You might be familiar with Windows , Linux and Mac operating systems which are made for computers, Windows being the most liked between the bunch. Knowing that, you can get a grip on what does Android do.

Android is an operating system developed by Google. Well, it first was developed by another business which was taken over by. Google advanced the operating scheme and made it an open source platform. It was broadly adapted over the world. As it is open source it is so well liked amongst the smartphones that it became available even for tablet PCs.

Android is founded on Linux and offers you a large deal of customization in widgets and over millions of apps. Most of them are free of cost and can be installed on your telephone just by searching for it in the Google Play shop app that comes with every Android smartphone
Logo of Android:

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Android Logo

What is Android

What phone manufacturers use Android?

Android is an open source system which can be used by any phone manufacturers on the world, different from the other operating systems out there like the iOS ( the OS made by Apple for the iPhone, iPad and other iDevices.). Symbian is owned by Nokia and it comes only on Nokia handsets. Android can be used by any  manufacturer. A recent study shows that half of the smartphones in the United States run on Android.

Android is one the hottest mobile operating systems accessible today. Samsung is the largest developer of Android smartphones and tablets. LG, HTC, Sony, are other top manufacturers of Android phones and tablets. Some local manufacturers like Micromax, Karbon, Hawai, furthermore use Android.

What is Android Version?

Android is issued in series of versions. Starting from 1.0 type ( where 2.0, 3.0, …… are latest releases). Google titled these versions with sweets names like Ice Cream Sandwich, Cupcake, Jelly bean, etc. which is a trademark for the developer.

Here are some of the versions released by Android.

what is android

1.0 – Android beta.
1.5 – Android Cupcake.
1.6 – Android Donut.
2.0/2.1 – Eclair.
2.2.x – Froyo.
2.3.x – Gingerbread.
3.x – Honeycomb (used mostly for tablets)
4.0.x – Ice Cream Sandwich (both for smartphones and tablets)

4.1/4.2 – Jelly Bean (both for telephones and tablets.)

You can also find more info about it from the Android’s authorized website

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