Best 5 S Pen Apps! for your smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How about a list of the 5 best apps for the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone that use the S Pen Apps?

It’s simple to check once viewing your comments here, on Google+, or on YouTube that lots of golem Authority readers area unit massive fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Note two. We’ve already shown you a number of our favourite tips and tricks, therefore what’s left? however a few list of 5 of the simplest apps for the Galaxy Note two that use the S Pen?

Besides being awing, the apps listed below had to satisfy 2 criteria. First, that they had to either like one thing distinctive to the Galaxy Note two, just like the S Pen. Second, that they had to be apps that weren’t enclosed with the Note two by default, as a result of that may be quite boring. therewith out of the means, let’s travel to the primary app.

Sketch ‘Em with your S Pen Apps

The first app on our list serves 2 main functions. the primary is to assist those who don’t knowledge to draw learn to try to to therefore. The second is to permit those that do knowledge to draw to assist those that don’t.

The main menu screen of Sketch ‘Em provides you 3 options: Drawing Lessons, Creator Mode or Free Sketching . Drawing Lessons and Free Sketching area unit pretty self informative. Creator Mode permits you to form and transfer your own drawing lessons for alternative users of the app.

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

While it isn’t possible to create a best creative person out of somebody like ME United Nations agency can’t draw, Sketch ‘Em is Associate in Nursing app that’s each helpful and fun. whereas it will be used with any device running golem four.0.3 and up, it’s optimized for the S Pen, and also the screen on the Note two provides lots of space for sketching.

Sketch ‘Em could be a free transfer within the Google Play Store.


Looking around at apps that area unit optimized for the S Pen and also the Galaxy Note series, you may inevitably run into lots of note taking apps. Note is true there within the devices’ names in the end. whereas all of them have pluses with minuses, my favorite currently is the Papyrus.

As the name hints, Papyrus has Associate in Nursing interface designed to create it seem like you’re writing on actual paper. The app has been heavily optimized for its own S Pen, and can tie in with the Galaxy Note two so solely input from the S Pen is recognized. this permits you to write down with the S Pen and delete entire phrases with a swipe of your finger, that is one amongst the best options I’ve seen in Associate in Nursing app of this sort.

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Papyrus could be a free transfer, however in-app purchases area unit on the market to feature further practicality like PDF export and also the ability to transfer your notes to Dropbox and alternative services.


Photo Desk

It is simple to pick out multiple files and drag and drop them between folder and adding text and audio to pictures could be a breeze. Hovering over files or folders with the S Pen can cite Associate in Nursing info bubble, and pressing the S Pen button whereas hovering can manufacture a discourse pop-up menu. Still, we tend to haven’t even gotten to 1 of the best options nonetheless.

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

One of icon Desk’s 3 completely different read modes is Map Mode, which is able to show wherever photos wherever taken via integrated Google Maps. Making finding and organizing things like vacation photos a lot of easier than it’s in several alternative apps.

Photo table could be a free transfer within the Google Play Store.


Now that you’ve engineered up your inventive skills with Sketch ‘Em, it’s time to place them in motion. Literally. FlipaClip could be a easy app that permits you to form flipbook-style animations.

There is no easy automatic animation here—you have to be compelled to draw each frame of animation by hand. Luckily, every frame can show a top level view of the previous frame for you to draw over. whereas this sounds tedious, and generally is, after you watch your finished animation play out, there’s a sense of satisfaction that creates it price .

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

You can play your animation at any time whereas you produce it, and once you’re finished, you’ll be able to render it and transfer it to services like Facebook, Google+ and most alternative services that you just will share to in golem.

FlipaClip could be a free transfer within the Google Play

Scribble Racer with the S Pen Apps

To get started with Scribble Racer, merely choose your issue (Easy, traditional or Hard) and place the S Pen on the screen. once a fast tally, the screen begins to scroll, and your goal is to avoid the walls whereas grouping stars, fruit and candy, all of that stock up a meter that permits you to press the S Pen button to impede shortly.

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

S Pen Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 2

As you still draw your line, the sport moves quicker and quicker, that quickly ramps up the intensity. For a game that appears and plays therefore merely, it’s amazingly habit-forming.

Scribble Racer could be a free transfer within the Google Play Store, tho’ it’s add supportedc S Pen Apps.

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