Samsung Galasy S4 review

| November 6, 2013

The Galaxy S4 represents a refinement of Samsung’s earlier efforts, however is that enough to ensure its success within the smartphone market of 2013?

Enter the Samsung Galaxy S4. Despite the abundance of distinctive devices from a good type of manufacturers, the smartphone area remains a two-horse race, governed by Samsung’s Galaxy series and Apple’s iPhone. Arguably a triumph of selling, as much as technology goes, the Galaxy S3 became apparent as the Android king in 2012, marketing some 30 million units worldwide. Long time foes HTC and Motorola struggled to compete with Samsung and the Korean giant fastened its position as the alpha Android later within the year with the pen-toting Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy s4 features

Now, as tick follows tock, it’s time for a successor to the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 is as progressive and acquainted as its name would possibly recommend. Rounded edges, TouchWiz, SuperAMOLED, big clicky home button. At first glance you might thing that Samsung was in a lot of hurry when designing this phone.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S4’s feature list is staggering, upgrading the phone to be even faster, with more features and a bigger screen. “Air view” can catch your hands at a distance. A front-mounted IR blaster and television app enable the phone to function as a viewing companion. The video player tracks your eyes. The net browser scrolls at the tilt of your head. With so much incredible new features you’ll understand why it’s immensely different from the Galaxy S3- and you’ll see why the S4 might be the most sought after smartphone out there. However, the Galaxy S4′s style is unchanged to that of it’s predecessor. Of course, not each smartphone upgrade has to be revolutionary, and manufacturers who’ve reinvented themselves lately, HTC being one, still can’t hold a candle to Samsung’s huge success.

Like it’s arch rival Apple, Samsung’s new product is almost guaranteed to be a widespread success. The company’s large promoting budget and new marketing strategies will make sure of that. Expect a huge number of sales within the months after it’s release.

Even though it will be a smash hit and a good amount of people on this planet will buy it, there’s some questions that need to be answered. Should you buy it? Will it deserves it’s inevitable success or will it just offer parlor tricks and gimmicks? The one place you can find the answers to these questions is within our full review of the Galaxy S4.


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The Galaxy S4

The good

The Galaxy S4 could be a speedy expert that manages to deliver nice performance and a giant, bright screen. Widespread accessibility, a lot of options and the latest version of Android add to the S4′s features, as well as a huge 13 megapixel camera.

The bad

The TouchWiz UI remains a careless construction, and still lacks style. The unclear array of settings and options and poor UX style can confuse some users. The occasional performance hiccups are unsatisfying to see, and the plastic chassis feels low cost.

Our conclusion

If you’re searching for an Android phone that performs well across the board, ticks each feature box you can possibly imagine and is accessible on just about each carrier on the world, the Galaxy S4 is a simple recommendation. It’s clear that Samsung has just stacked new updates and better hardware in this device, instead of solving the S3′s problems and rethinking what a smartphone ought to be in 2013. For a few people, that’s fine but for others it’s not. Feel free to comment below on your experience with the Galaxy S4 and if you think it’s worth the money.


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