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| March 29, 2014

What is the best business smartphone the market can offer?

Business smartphones are widely used by, you guessed it, business men, so it’s very important to know what is the best business smartphone that fits the job. Nowadays the business world has become even more cut “throatier” than what it was a couple of decades ago. You need a device that can give you the information you want in an instant to stay ahead of the competition, that’s why finding out what is the best business smartphone is crucial. You need a device that can keep up with you, store any number of important work related files you want and can allow you to read them on the fly. The best business smartphone has to be a mechanical replacement of your assistant and more. Also it’s widely known that the wonders of the internet have invaded the workplace and no amount of productivity can be done without it, so a proper device that can make full use of Wi-Fi signals is highly recommended.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the business smartphones that our current market offers.

The best business smartphone list of early 2014

Blackberry Z30, the best business smartphone

The best business smartphone overall

It’s the best business smartphone out there, and not just because of the brand. It’s known that Blackberry only make smartphones more suited for the working place but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a fluke. Well, true, but they haven’t. The Z30 is their new flagship device and it’s specially designed for the everyday businessman. It runs on the Blackberry 10 OS that has an excellent messaging hub, crucial in the workplace, and a 5-inch touch display that tells the fact that Blackberry is upping up their game. It also has a feature known as Blackberry Balance that allows you to change quickly between your personal and work profiles so that you don’t have to mix them up. What more could you want from a handset than allowing you to treat it like two separate devices?

iPhone 5s

Second in the best business smartphone list

Some people might say that the iPhone 5S is the best business smartphone, mainly because many people are turning to Apple when it comes to work related handsets. It’s no doubt a very appealing device but it comes at a rather large price. Many businessmen buy it for its huge number of apps and for the fact that it runs on the iOS7 that boosts even more the overall esthetics of the user interface. But the point is that Apple doesn’t make smartphones specifically for the business orientated individual. That doesn’t mean that it can be used in that manner but you’re far better off with the Z30.


Number 3 in the best business smartphone list

Another addition in this best business smartphone list is the HTC One. It seems that every major company’s flagship device is being used as a business smartphone, and why not? They are highly powerful handsets that are capable of doing many things in a short period of time. The HTC One is an Android based smartphone that is capable of delivering the same punch as any other flagship out there. It has a new Sense U.I. full metal body and a punchy quad core chip that assures you that you’ll never be short of processing power.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Last in the best businesssmartphone list

Again, as previously stated any flagship device can be used as a business handset, which also means that the brand new Galaxy S5 will get a spot in this best business smartphone list. It has everything you want with the added benefit of running on the latest version of Android, meaning that you’ll have a powerhouse of a phone that has access to a vast collection of high-quality apps.

Round up

Now that you’ve seen some of the best options out there it’s time for the most difficult part, deciding on one. The Blackberry Z30 remains, in my opinion, the best business smartphone mainly because it’s specifically designed for that, the other devices are simply flagships that anybody can use as a business handset. The one thing that they all have in common is the huge power under the hood because precision and quickness are two very important business traits. If you don’t like our list then please leave a comment saying what is your best business smartphone.

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