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| May 5, 2013

We take a glance at the simplest free best instant messaging apps for smartphones aimed to making you save lots of money. Not that long ago you would have the straight forward decision of texting somebody or just calling them, unless you owned a lot of homing pigeons. Nowadays there are many, many choices out there that may provide an even quicker service. Referred to as instant messengers, these new apps make it unbelievably straightforward to stay in touch with your friends and family. There are quite few out there, and a few provide video calls, the ability to send photos and even your location, and that comes in handy if you are attempting to arrange a get-together.

So what are the simplest services out there? Here ar a number of our favourites:

2013 Best instant messaging apps smartphones list below

Google Talk

Google is attempting to urge a foot within the door of social media, however whereas Google+ continues to be years behind Facebook in terms of recognition, it boasts plenty of helpful services that lots of individuals use. One of those is Google talk, a second messenger that you will use once logged into Google Mail, on an Android device (Google owns Android therefore most of its product are integrated in some form). Cleverly, Google talk can even run on the iOS and in my opinion is one of the best messenger apps out there.

Available on Android, iOS (via campaign browser), BlackBerry.


Skype was bought by Microsoft for $8.5 billion bucks, that ought to provide you with some indication of huge Skype has become. With over 600 million users worldwide it can be available for you smartphone. It’s even being engineered into Windows 8 and possibly even Windows Phone Apollo. Skype offers a second messenger, phone calls, and even video calls if your smartphone has a second camera.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian.


Samsung desires a slice of each mobile pie there’s going to be, therefore it created its own instant messenger referred to as ChatON!. ChatON! allows you to send animated messages, text the usual messages, cluster chat with over 2 friends, send photos, videos, audio, contacts, location and even calendar appointments. There’s even a Facebook-esque social wall and a box referred to as Trunk for a few cloud sharing action.

Available on: Android, BlackBerry, iOS.


Imo allows you to check in and chat using variety of various services, together with Google Talk, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, Skype, MSN, Steam, MySpace and Hyves, that makes it one versatile beast of an app. Imo also has the usual options like cluster chats, instant voice messaging.

Available on: Android, iOS, BlackBerry.

BlackBerry messenger

It might be old, and in step with some sources, a riot-helper, however BlackBerry messenger continues to be a reason why individuals purchase a BlackBerry device. It’s a little dated however BBM is for free, and that is why we have a tendency to still recommend it. Obviously cross-platform support may be a little problem, but there are rumors that it will be released for different platforms, however we firmly believe it won’t.

Available on BlackBerry.


Meebo, like Imo, supports as many platforms as there are or will be, which suggest you can use it for most of it’s services. It’s not terribly technical but only the iOS version has a customized interface that makes using it a joy, and that is before you find out about the superb push notifications system. Throw in the power to review your chat history, either from your phone or on the Meebo web site and networks you’ll be part of and you’ve got a fine instant messenger.

Available on: Android, iOS.


Viber is comparatively a small app when compared with the on top of however it still gets billion messages from users on a monthly basis. Naturally, then, Viber is doing one thing right, by having a straightforward interface and the ability to tug in your contacts automatically. Not all platforms have a similar practicality however ‘HD-quality voice calls’ are coming back to BlackBerry and Windows Phone within the near future

Available on: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone.


Apple likes to be the champion of its own product, sometimes it gets it right with the iMessage, but sometimes, with the Game Center app, it gets it fully wrong. iMessage is a second messenger built into iOS 5.1., iMessage allows you to send text, photos, video content, contacts and locations. Although cross-platform practicality is clearly a giant no-go, very similar with the BlackBerry messenger, it’s still a good alternative to keep in-tuned with contacts in the latest fashion.

Available on iOS (5.0 and above).

Best instant messaging apps smartphones train text

Most popular instant messaging app


WhatsApp was one of the first real alternatives to BlackBerry messenger (BBM) and it’s evolved into a good messaging app, and one that works between platforms. You can send free text messages, pictures and audio without paying, providing you’ve got an internet connection. WhatsApp even incorporates a cluster chat operation and push notifications, to whatever platform allows it, therefore you recognize once somebody has replied or started chatting with you and finally you can share location.

Available on: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia.

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