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| April 30, 2013

Apps are programs that run on your smartphone and in order to download the you have to access, ironically, another app depending on what platform you are, like: BlackBerry App World, Android App Market or even iTune, and to make life easier you can search the name of the specific app you want and by the click of a button you install it. Nearly one in every three smartphone users is connecting to check-in services like Foursquare and Gowalla and a big portion of a smartphone subscribers uses location-based services. Some smartphones allow watching television and provide a second screen for media multitasking. Some of the applications allow users to protect their personal privacy, such as preventing unwanted calls from contacts or telemarketers and other do not disturb services.

GCI ReportIt facilitates GCI Wireless and customers are providing feedback about user experience on GCI’s network by submitting voice, data, or messaging issues.. GCI Visual Voicemail, one of the best smartphone apps, which is an extension of Basic Voicemail, saves time by allowing the user to manage voicemail messages the same way that one might manages emails, directly from your Android smartphone.  And it allows one to listen to the messages in any order that one chooses and immediately respond to voicemails via SMS, email, or just calling them back.

PrivacyStar best smartphone apps

PrivacyStar allows you to take full control of your phone privacy by blocking calls. It blocks unwanted communication or unknown phone calls. Android and BlackBerry devices optimize the Kindle app giving their users the ability to read Kindle books on a nice, easy-to-use screen. By using Exchange Touchdown, one can easily their mailbox, contact list and calendar since Touchdown Exchange enhances the functionality for any Android device with features such as GAL (global address listing) lookup, creating calendar events inviting people for the the events in your calendar. Our list also includes TimeClock that makes tracking billable hours for one who is working and then transfer the data into a spreadsheet to create invoices. For lawyers, contractors or anyone who bills clients by the hour it’s the perfect Android time tracker. By turning mobile phones into a document scanner one can convert any snapshot into a highly readable JPEG by fixing dimensions, color everyone can store business cards, whiteboards, receipts and full-page documents.

best smartphone apps

Another fun app is Tube that can be password protected view database backup/restore, export/email CSV, unlimited number of product/service items, auto update unit price, auto default values, monthly/weekly/daily summary, monthly/weekly charts and also keep track of the top box office movies, view local theaters, browse 65,000 DVD’s, watch 15,000 trailers, read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, add and manage Netflix queues. On the other hand, Tube allows discovering, watching and sharing originally-created videos providing a comments section for people to talk.

Free radio

Pandora Radio users can really enjoy cool “stations” to the names of favorite songs, artists or classical composers as it is one’s own FREE personalized radio that streams music directly for Android or BlackBerry smartphones. Wells Fargo Mobile locates Wells Fargo ATMs via GPS fast, easy and secure and it also allows viewing account activity, can pay bills and make transfers between accounts or to other Wells Fargo customers. It can receive news coverage, including business/finance news, market data and stock tracking tools, along with easy-to-understand charts as well. However, because of the growing number of apps the demand for smartphones has overtook the rest of the mobile phone genre. The best smartphone apps can give users almost infinite tools. With a huge list starting with  Angry Birds, Droidwords, Calorie Counter by FatSecret, JEFIT – Workout, Fitness, Gym Log, My Tracks, Epocrates, Aquarium Live Wallpaper by KittehFace Software, Dropbox, Password Keeper by Seto Chi Lap, Remote Desktop Client by Xtralogic, Barcode Scanner, to social networks like Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn and even sports coverage with ESPN, Ski & Snow Report by and let us not forget  Google Maps , Kayak Flight and Hotel Search,  My Car Locator, Weatherbug and Back-to-school smartphone apps and many, many, many, MANY more. Let us know what the best smartphone app is in your opinion in the comment section below.

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