Best smartphone to get in 2014

| March 2, 2014

What is the best smartphone to get this year?

Ok, since it’s February, the infamous month of new releases and unveiling I thought that we should take a look at what is the best smartphone to get. MWC has officially begun and now every major company is showing off their new devices and hyping up to crowd with their brand new features. Of course, with all these new announcements a whole stacks of preorders will be made and it wouldn’t hurt everybody to know what the best smartphone to get before ordering something is. You wouldn’t believe how many people just buy blindly off the web and get disappointed when their unwanted product arrives. It’s always good to shop smart. And now, without further ado here is the list of new arrivals and you can decide what the best smartphone to get is.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (the best smartphone to get, in my opinion)

Best smartphone to get

It’s a no-brainer that the highly anticipated S5 is on the list and in my opinion it’s the best smartphone to get. It has already been launched at MWC and it made quite a roar. Why did it made such a roar? Why is it the best smartphone to get, you say? Well here’s the simple answer. It got better, a whole lot better. It has a AMOLED 5.24-inch screen with 2K resolution (2560×1440), a 2.5 GHz processor and a bigger and better battery. It’s also the first smartphone with phase detection auto focus. Now you can see why it is the best smartphone to get.

The iPhone 6

The iPhone 8, one of the best smartphone to get

It’s no surprise why the iPhone 6 is here on the list, many people will think this is the best smartphone to get. Apple and Samsung are constantly dueling over sales in the smartphones market and each company is always trying to be one step ahead of the other. It’s rumored that the new iPhone will have an unbreakable display due to the fact that Apple signed a big deal to use a lot of sapphire glass in their phones. It might also come in 3 different sizes: mini, normal and XL but those are just some speculations based on the fact that Apple wants to compete with Samsung’s Note series. We won’t know what it will have for sure, Apple always had a separate event where it launched all of its new products. Anyway, it can always be the best smartphone to get in 2014, maybe Apple will surprise us this time.


The HTC M8 is also considered one of the best smartphone to get

The Taiwanese company has made a huge comeback with the HTC One that managed to rival the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5. Since then, people have been eagerly expecting a successor that will bring new innovations and will again rival the two giants of the smartphone market, sadly this isn’t true. It can still the best smartphone to get depending on what you like but everything points to the fact that the M8 will just be an upgraded version of the HTC One. It will have a secondary camera on the back and it will launch with the new Sense 6.0 U.I. but that’s about it. The specs will just be up to par for the next generation of smartphones and in conclusion it might gear to be a huge disappointment. Anyway, some still think that this might be the best smartphone to get.

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2, also one of the best smartphone to get

Next in the series of possible disappointments is the Sony Xperia Z2. Again, some people will still think that this is the best smartphone to get based upon their history with Sony but in truth this is just the updated version of the Z1. Like I said with the M8, we won’t know for sure until the official Sony release at MWC when it will show the device in all of its glory. Who knows, maybe the leaks where wrong and Sony wanted us to think that they’d flop but it wouldn’t be wise to keep your hopes up.

The last step

The last step is probably the most difficult one of all. It’s choosing the best smartphone to get. With all of these options presented in front of you it can be a daunting task just to choose one. You might prefer one with a trendier design and a flashier U.I., you might be a tech freak and choose the one that has the best components, the criteria are unlimited. Once you’re sure all you have to do is preorder it and wait. So, have you decided already what the best smartphone to get is?

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