Is Samsung Galaxy Ace the best smartphone?

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This little Samsung Galaxy Ace is a charming smartphone and is unquestionably impressing many smartphone users. Although the appearance of this phone is strikingly similar to that of the Galaxy S, the Ace comes with a lot of option that, somewhat, complete those of the Galaxy S.

Samsung Galaxy Ace comes with Android v2.3 Gingerbread OS. In terms of style the phone, without a doubt, looks good with it’s shiny black plastic body. A 5MP camera is integrated within the phone with a speaker grill and also a flash. The phone fits well within the hand, because the shiny plastic isn’t terribly slippery.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

The brightness of screen is well adjusted; but, you will face some drawback once you look at it beneath robust daylight. The viewing angles are quite good and the colors are bright and vibrant but it’s below average screen resolution might let you down. It sports a 3.65 inch screen with a 320 x 480 resolution.


Just like in the Galaxy S, Samsung has incorporated the TouchWiz 4.0 interface into the Ace too. It allows you to add your friends on numerous social networking sites like LinkedIn & Facebook to your contact list. Also, Samsung’s ChatON electronic messaging service is available with this phone. If the rumors are two, the Ace might get an update with the latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich once it comes out. Due to it’s 800 MHz processor, a relatively slow speed, you might find multitasking on this phone quite bothersome. Besides, this device has a 512 MB internal storage that can be extended with a microSD memory card to up to 32 GB.

The multimedia system options of this phone could be considered to be the best in it’s category. The built-in TouchWiz 4.0 media player that the Galaxy Ace offers comes with some nice options like equalizer presets, pretend surround sound and a few others. In regards to the sound quality and strength, loudspeakers perform pretty good.


Is the Samsung Galaxy Ace the best smartphone?

You can play MPEG-4 videos on this phone, but it doesn’t support Xvid and DivX formats. It comes with some pre-installed apps that might prove useful. The Samsung Galaxy Ace can support both twin band 3G and Quad-band GSM networks.

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