The best text messaging apps for Android

| February 27, 2014

What are the best text messaging apps that you can get for your smartphone?

In this Wi-Fi dominated age people are starting using text messaging apps mainly to avoid paying for SMS’s or MMS’s. In “ye olde times “when smartphones didn’t dominated the earth it was more convenient just to talk to somebody than to send them a text message. Nowadays people are frequently using text messaging apps because it’s more convenient and free (well, almost, in some cases). Since Wi-Fi is basically available anywhere you go and text messaging apps are now cross platform (meaning that you can send messages from an Android device to an iPhone) why wouldn’t you download such an app?

With text messaging apps you can talk to your friends all over the world anywhere you are (providing Wi-Fi access of course), send pictures to them and even video chat as you’d do on a normal PC (or Mac). Now that you’re all hyped up it’s high time we take a look at the best text messaging apps out there.

WhatsApp (one of the best, if not THE best, text messaging apps you can get)

WhatsApp is probably the best in the text messaging apps world

There’s no doubt about the insane popularity of this app, it’s so successful that Facebook bought it for the whopping sum of 19 billion dollars! In the world of text messaging apps it’s probably the best you can find but there’s a catch. The first year is free but after that you have to pay the modest sum of 0.99$ per year to use. It’s cross platform, it doesn’t require any usernames or passwords because it works with your smartphone and it’s highly customizable. And for those reasons it’s now the most popular of text messaging apps, I highly recommend it.


Kik is very popular in the text messaging apps world

This is also one of the more popular text messaging apps, with over 80 million users. It’s cross platform and has many nifty features but this one is free. Like WhatsApp you can send photos, have group chats and search for YouTube links, images and sketches, you can also download emoticons to further customize your messages. Now wonder why it’s up in the text messaging apps world. You can send your own drawn sketches as memes and even “photobomb” your friends. You don’t even have to share your mobile number or email address, all you have to do is create a username and that’s it!


Skype is also popular compared to other text messaging apps

All right, we’ve all at least used Skype once in our lifetimes on our computer because you can call your friends or video chat with them for free from anywhere around the world. Now it’s started to gain popularity amongst the rest of the text messaging apps out there. With Skype on your phone you can do what you always used to do with it on your computer, there’s literally nothing changed. You can send text messages or pictures to your friends, call them, video chat with them, created groups and more. It was a no brainer that Skype would move into the text messaging apps business and it was a really good idea. Why should anybody be bound to his/hers computer when they can just download Skype?


Text messaging apps

Another free app chances are that you might have heard of this one, or at least of what it can do. SnapChat distinguishes itself from the rest of the other text messaging apps because it’s mainly built for sharing images in a more private fashion. With this app you can send images of videos (up to ten seconds) that have a self-destruct feature attached to them. This means that you can send your friend a picture and in a couple of seconds it’s wiped off the receiver’s device. You can rudimentary edit your images, write some text on them and save them. Between the rest of the text messaging apps this is the most popular choice for image or video transfer. Try it and see for yourself.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is also popular amongst text messaging apps

Everybody uses Facebook and it’s only logical that they would release an app. It’s not the greatest of the text messaging apps out there but at least it’s free. It’s based off of your Facebook profile and it does exactly the same thing that the chat function does on the site. If you manly use Facebook as a mean of communicating with everybody and you just want to use the chat function this app is for you.


Twitter is frequently used compared to other text messaging apps

Again this is one of those text messaging apps based off on a website that does exactly just that. I don’t need to say more about Twitter or how it works because everybody is familiar with it. If you’re a “tweet head” and can’t go a day without posting something you should probably download this app.


I’ve compiled here the most popular text messaging apps that you can find. Some are innovative while others are just the mobile application of a site (i.e Twitter, Facebook). You can get as many apps as you want, there’s literally no limit to how many you can have. They’ve made our lives a lot easier and cheaper, we can always stay in touch with our friends wherever we are. Text messaging apps have made our mobile communication know no boundaries or cost.

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