BlackBerry 10 must succeed

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BlackBerry 10 will be unveiled on January 13th and unlike the previous releases, this one will make or brake the parent company Research in Motion (RIM).

The phones that were released in recent years were more and more immaterial, its operating system falling way behind other rival platforms from Google, Apple and Microsoft.

But even with it’s unsuccessful past, Research In Motion will finally hit the jack-pot with the release of the Blackberry 10 and here are five reasons why.

BlackBerry 10 the best smartphone?

BlackBerry 10 review

BlackBerry 10 review

1. The Blackberry 10 comes with an upgraded hardware


The Blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10 touchscreen

Samsung and Apple are the only two corporations that are pushing screen technology to it’s limit.

HTC’s models feel clumsy and dated, and LG’s Nexus 3 may be a budget surprise however it can’t shake that low cost look.

BlackBerry 10 is as sensible and slick as it has been advertised and may offer the two big heavyweights a run for their money with it’s top-notch hardware and sleek, elegant design.

2. A good OS

BlackBerry 10 review

BlackBerry 10

The Blackberry 10 operating system

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has hardly created a dent in the sales of Google’s Android or Apple iOS.

BlackBerry 10 has the potential to put RIM on the map of the smartphone market with it’s OS.

The BlackBerry 10 comes with both hardware innovations and new OS features, a thing that we all like to see. Android has improved exponentially in recent years however iOS has been resting on its glory for a lot longer than Apple would like to admit. BlackBerry 10 might just be the kick in the rear that Apple and Google deserve to make them work harder again.

3. It will save RIM from extinction

BlackBerry 10 review

RIM logo


Make no mistake, if the BlackBerry 10 flops, it’s curtains for RIM.

The Canadian company isn’t seen as it used to be because of it’s sluggish products in the ever evolving smartphone market.

If the new OS from Blackberry 10 doesn’t succeed, then it will be long before the vultures of Google and Apple begin circling, trying to select off the dead areas of the business and subsume them into their own mobile plans.

4. Improve BBM rivals

Best smartphone OS courier Logo

The messenger logo

BBM is the only reason why Blackberry still has some value in the market, however iMessage and WhatsApp made sure to take even what little recognition it has.

BlackBerry 10 the best smartphone

A good new edition of BBM can push Apple in the corner and even scare the likes of Skype. This product has so much potential and is promising so much that we can’t wait to get our hands on it.
5. Other alternative smartphones


The Nokia Lumia 510

Is Nokia Lumia 510 better than the Blackberry 10 ?

Other failing mobile-makers, particularly HTC and Nokia, will want to make sure that RIM falls.

But if the Blackberry 10 will do it’s job, it’ll show that even companies who’ve fallen can rise once more. Which means that HTC and Nokia ought to redouble their efforts to get back in the market. The only promising thing from these two is the HTC One that we want to get our mitts on.

In the end we would really love to see RIM making a comeback. It will show the two current leaders of the smartphone market that their position is not that safe. If this products becomes a success the overall bar for the smartphone world will be raised substantially and we can’t wait to see all the new releases that will follow the Blackberry 10.

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