Compact smartphones

| March 3, 2014

Why are compact smartphones still made?

Nowadays people tend to want devices with at least a 5-inch screen rather than investing in compact smartphones. It’s a really weird phenomena, while manufacturers are striving to make screens bigger, better and phones more powerful they also release a range of compact smartphones (in most cases it’s the “mini” variation of their flagship model) that some people still buy. Of course there has to be more to it than the consumer point of view. Maybe there are some technical facilities that compact smartphones have and the bigger ones don’t, or maybe they are more ergonomic. Read more to find out why manufacturers are still making compact smartphones in this age of huge screen and high-end specs.

Compact smartphones

Does Android need compact smartphones?

There are billions of people in this world and everybody has their own likes and dislikes, that’s what makes us different. I personally like phones with a bigger screen because I’m an avid user of these handsets while you might prefer compact smartphones for their simplicity and reduced size. Be that as it may I still can’t fathom why some people like oversized phones like the Galaxy Note, I physically can’t fit one in my pocket.

Here you can see that there are two different types of people. Some like big screens, some like smaller screens and because of that some manufacturers still make compact smartphones. Their target demographic isn’t that wide or profitable but at least they can recycle some old parts from their previous models and whip up a decent mini handset for the public to like.

Do Android manufacturers serve this niche well?

Well Samsung does this perfectly while others don’t do it quite as good. What makes Samsung so strong is that it caters to everybody depending on their needs, that’s why they have a lot of different phones. With this wide variety of choices people can pick out what they like and everybody is happy, including people that like compact smartphones. You might think that Samsung will be losing money because it’s offering such a huge range of devices but with some statistical mathematics and some other mumbo jumbo stuff I don’t know about they manage to keep their position as leader without making a huge effort.

What about the other companies, don’t they make compact smartphones? Yes, yes they do. Take HTC and Sony for example. They both make compact smartphones but none of them cater to everybody as smoothly as Samsung does. None of these companies has a huge array of devices available for the public so there’s not that much to choose from.

The problem with compact smartphones

They’re small, easy to carry, fit well in your hand but they have a problem, hardware. Compared to some of the devices that are coming out, compact smartphones don’t stand a change in terms of specs. Even though companies try to please everybody they can’t make everything perfect, that’s why they choose one model and make it their flagship for the year. A flagship is a phone that is carefully designed, overpowered to the max and brings something new to the market, representing the company. Compact smartphones don’t get that much attention. Usually, they’re made from recycled parts that are deemed out of date and their design is borrowed from the flagship model. In the end all you get is a smaller, weaker device.


All in all compact smartphones are a part of the evolution of this product. Right now, their sole purpose is just to make some people that don’t like big screens happy. Maybe in the future things will tend to go in the other direction, maybe the flagship models will be more reduced in size but still retain the same high-end specs while the more “normal” sized devices will be there just to fill a market gap. Compact smartphones are great in their own way, but I’ll wait till they get a little better.

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