Curved smartphones, a bad idea or the future?

| March 4, 2014

Why curved smartphones will be the future

Technology is getting a lot more advanced people! Not just advanced, but sometimes it feels like it’s getting crazy. The latest craze in the cellphone industry is the curved smartphones. These devices have a special type of screen that allows it to be more flexible hence the curvature of the device. This is only the first step, from curved smartphones there isn’t that much far from full touch screen flip phones. Anyway, Samsung and LG will be releasing curved smartphones this year and rumor has it that the iPhone 6 will also be made of curved glass. But is it worth investing in such a phone? What are the main issues that this device has? These are just a couple of question that we need to answer in order to find out if curved smartphones are the way of the future.

curved smartphones

Why should I invest in curved smartphones

Sincerely there isn’t any sound reason why you should buy a curved smartphone. These type of devices are brand new to the market and don’t have any target demographic yet. Truth is that curved smartphones have a lot of advantages, even more if you’re a keen user of your mobile device. The curved screen makes viewing media a lot pleasant, it’s more practical, more ergonomic, the phone fits naturally to your face and the list goes on and on. Because this is a new product some will be scared to even try it but once they do they’ll see the advantages that curved smartphones have to offer.

LG Flex

This is the best example to illustrate how curved smartphone works. You might think that there’s an issue that the phone won’t properly fit in your pocket. The LG Flex has you covered, it literally can bend itself, within reason, and can be put into any pocket without causing discomfort. Because of its bendy-flippy technology, it means that you can have a bigger screen without having a bigger phone. That’s another one of the curved smartphones advantages. You can shove more screen into them as opposed to regular sized devices, and with the aid of flexibility, it will be easier to carry.


So, do curved smartphones start to get more appealing now? It’s a natural thing that some people would hiss at this new technology but it won’t bite, it’s just a small step forward towards a better future with better devices. Who knows, maybe in two years every flagship model will have a curved screen. What do you think? Is our society ready to accept these new curved smartphones or should we just wait a little more?

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