Eye recognition for Optimus G Pro

| November 8, 2013

 LG is diving into the eye-recognition field with a brand new feature dubbed smart Video. It’ll eliminate the need for a user to use it’s hand while looking at video on the, currently South Korean-exclusive, Optimus G Pro.

Using advanced eye recognition, as LG likes to call it, smart Video is going to be able to tell once a viewer’s eyes aren’t watching the Optimus G screen any longer and it will pause the video. Once the user returns his/hers eyes to the screen, the video will resume.

LG is not the first company to feature this new technology. Last year the Galaxy S III smartphone came with  eye recognition technology for waking the device from sleep mode. The Galaxy S4 is alleged to move a step more with eye-tracking technology that may automatically scroll a webpage for a user. We tend to assume that LG is trying to beat the South Korean contender to the finish line once the S4 will launch.

LG has also upgraded the camera options for the Optimus G Pro. The new twin Camera at the same time take pictures with the front and the back camera to make a picture-in-picture composition.

LG says the smart Video and twin Camera will be available to all the Optimus G Pro customers in South Korea in the following month. These options will also be available for some of the new LG premium phones that are planned to be released in the near future.


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