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| November 14, 2013

The Android platform launched in the month of October 2008 and with only 50 apps available in the Android Market for download. Four years later, in October of 2012, Google reported that there were 700,000 apps within the re-branded Google Play Store. That’s quite a jump and the app explosion is much from over – the numbers currently adding up to over 800,000 apps.

Having such a good selection of apps and games on the platform is nice for us, however this brings up a challenge – How do you find the best Android apps? The first Android Market was far from easy to use. The discovery of apps was a true challenge before Google overhauled it. Do you remember the times when apps couldn’t be browsed online? There wasn’t any tool that allowed you to discover new apps and reviews for them where very hard to find, back in the day it was really hard to find a good app.

Lets take a look at the best Android Apps

Unearthing gems

Things have come a long way since those times, however it’s still a challenge to search out the best Android apps. Once apps were released people were willing to browse and take an opportunity on trying them, however these days most people wish to cut the chase. Statistic studied that were performed on some mobile platforms from 2010 revealed that 26 % of apps that were downloaded were solely used once. The same study states that only 5% of free apps were downloaded and used for a period of 30 days or more.

Most people use their usual set of familiar apps and only once in a while they decide to browse the virtual ocean of apps that is the Google Play Store and try something new. Let’s face it, if you search for too long in this “ocean” and reach the deep end it’s very likely that you will end up with something disappointing. The truth is that the infinitesimal size of the Google Play store isn’t just worth your time.

If you wish to save some time we will gladly give you some helpful tips and recommend a few handy apps and services which will help you. Let’s take a look on how to find the best Android apps.

The majority can’t be wrong

An obvious place to begin is with the Play Store charts. You’ll see what are the latest premium and free apps, what the best new app is, the apps that Google employees recommend, trending apps, apps suggested for you, if you’re logged in, and there’s even a part for tablet boosted apps today. You may also have the choice of filtering by class and if you log into your account you’ll simply line up your selections from any browser and have them transfer automatically to your smartphone. This method is really advancing and it’s getting better all the time.

Play_Store_Apps Best Android Apps

When you find the app that you were looking for, the reviews, collective user score, and also the download chart on its Play Store page can offer you a pleasant rounded shot of how popular it’s. You’ll never download a dud with high review scores and high download numbers.

There’s really no need to go outside the Play Store to seek out nice apps, however you may think about using various app stores to help you find new apps worth downloading. Take a look the charts at the GetJar, Amazon App Store, AppBrain, SlideME, or Handango and then search for it at the Play Store to download. You’ll tend to see the same top rated apps pop up within the Play charts, however there are several alternative app stores out there with charts, ratings and reviews and that they can help you to find some really good quality apps.

App discovery apps

There are 2 apps that have stood out over the previous few months as nice tools for locating new apps and games worth downloading.

The first is Best Apps Market and it’s a curated choice of the cream of the crop, absolutely classified and simple to go looking or browsing. The developer recently released a brand new and improved app referred to as Fetch that takes the same formula and wraps it in a more enticing package. It’s smart for locating apps, it will create good suggestions depending on what you downloaded in the past, it’s well classified, and it’s very simple to browse. The trick is that it attaches traits to individual apps and games and so you’ll dig deeper than the standard categories you discover in app store charts. It works best for games, that is not a surprise because it’s powered by the game genome Project, and it allows you to layer up traits that you just want in your game and it makes a specific filter.

Fetch Best Android Apps

The second is for tablet owners and it’s referred to as Tablified Market. It’s a straight selection of games and apps that are optimized for Android tablets and are arranged into categories. It also offers free apps, and it provides you a concept of what’s well-liked and what’s trending.

Tablified_Market_HD Best Android Apps

Best Android apps reviews

Android has become huge and now you can find elaborate reviews and roundups of nice apps and games on a variety of websites. Generally you ought to start right within the reviews on Android Authority. You’ll discover plenty of nice new Android apps and you can also find reviews and discussions regarding the most recent releases from the Guardian to XDA Developers. After you find a reviewer with style that matches yours, you’ve struck gold, however it’s easier said than done.

What Android is admittedly lacking is a smart aggregator service function. A service that rounds up all the app reviews and ratings from respected sources and counts the scores would be helpful. Metacritic does this superbly for games and the service has expanded to the iOS. But sadly there isn’t any Android coverage. We contacted Metacritic to question if there are any plans to incorporate Android, however they avoided to comment. Feel free to comment below on your best Android apps!

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