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Mozilla is getting closer and closer to releasing its own mobile software, Firefox OS, on to the globe, designed around open net standards – and sticking out to obvious smartphone mainstays, like apps – the new software is intended to be accessible and out there to anyone.

And to challenge the developers into building HTML5 applications for the platform, the software system company has introduced some developer preview phones sporting the new OS.

There aren’t any costs quoted however or a release date, but we tend to think that the phones are developed by Geeksphone, in partnership with the Telefonica company. Plus, they just simple smartphones – very similar to cheap  handsets – each coming with a Qualcomm flower S1 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, a 3.5-inch 480 x 320 touchscreen, 3-megapixel camera (in different position in every model), and 4GB of on-board storage.

Mozilla reveals Firefox OS

The phones also come with microSD card slots, for memory enhancing, however we do not know the maximum storage capacity supported by the device. But rest assured, these light-spec smartphones come with a1,580mAh battery that will suffice.

Firefox OS smartphone

Firefox OS

“Developer preview phones can make the software more accessible to those who want to preview it” says Mozilla.

Firefox OS smartphone

Firefox OS

“Hundreds of different individuals worldwide use Firefox to find, search and chat online so why not make our own OS?”

The Firefox OS will be available in 2014 and is Mozilla’s response to Google’s Android. With Google’s Chrome browser being in constant battle with the Firefox one, Mozilla decided to enter the smartphone market and present its own OS. Sadly there aren’t that many details for us to comment on and we’re still waiting for news on it’s development, price, and what devices it will come on.


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