Galaxy S4 revealed image?

| November 26, 2013

Samsung Mobile U.S.A. tweeted a teaser image of “the next big thing”.

You know those pictures of a China-bound Galaxy S4 that were leaked yesterday? Apparently, we were wrong for calling them fakes. Samsung Mobile US simply tweeted a new image of what seems to be their next product and that it will be similar to it’s predecessor.

Looking at the image that Samsung tweeted some hours ago, the thing that strikes me the most how much it’s similar to the Galaxy S3. In fact, I overlapped a picture of the Galaxy S3 and they’re exactly the same shape.

Galaxy S4 revealed image?

What’s happening here? I’m that Samsung is keeping the exact same style with the Galaxy S4.
All the previous info we had (from yesterday’s previous leak) was pointing tot the fact that the new phone would adopt a different, more angular style.

Moreover, many rumors indicate that Samsung goes for a black and white theme. Even the video teaser is leading to the fact that the S4 will only be available in black and white (or maybe a mixture of the 2 colors).

But the device in the tweeted picture has the exact same curves as the Galaxy S3, and a minimum, according to my eye, of what appears to be a hint of blue, not black.

Could Samsung be attempting to stir the waters earlier than the launch date? Maybe they need the Galaxy S4 to be a complete surprise… oh well, only two days to go.



Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4

 To make more of the Galaxy S4 visible I manipulated the image to some extent. Here’s the result:


Galaxy S4

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