Galaxy S4 Zoom features

| November 27, 2013

Galaxy S4 Zoom key features

This morning Samsung announced a phone with a camera strapped to the rear of it. The Galaxy S4 Zoom, as it’s referred to as, combines the heart of a Galaxy S4 mini with the body of a photographic camera, complete with 16-megapixel device and 10X optical optical lens. The biggest benefit, besides the high MP, is that you are able to take zoomed-in photos that aren’t crap. As a result, you’ll probably develop an allergy to the digital zoom technology in most phones.

But why did Samsung attached such a big camera to the back of a phone? And how will this relate to the company’s other Android based products, like the Galaxy Camera? Let’s take a better look.

Samsung galaxy s4 zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

At first glance, the idea of combining a camera with a phone would seem completely insane. However if you view the Galaxy S4 Zoom as a  mid-range successor to the Galaxy Camera — Samsung’s Android-powered point-and-shoot — things begin to form additional sense. We’ve long said that the Galaxy Camera line has to split in 2. At the high finish, customers dropping serious cash on a fanatical camera demanding higher optics, sensors and performance than the present Galaxy Camera will deliver and at the mid-level, an “informal” camera has to be cheaper and additional smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Camera ever used to be. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a mid-level Android smartphone camera — smaller than the Galaxy Camera, hopefully cheaper, and a lot more accessible. And finally, why not built a phone too?

Galaxy S4 Zoom compact

One thing to take into consideration is that 2013 is the year of camera-centric smartphones, and Samsung isn’t the sole manufacturer pushing the envelope once it involves mobile imaging. Nokia’s reportedly got its approaching Eos device, whereas Sony said to be working  on the “Honami,” with a 20-megapixel device and Cyber-shot optics. Each smartphone will sacrifice thinness and smoothness for the sake of photography, including the Zoom. We’re coming into a new age of cameraphones, and Samsung has to be a part of that. The Galaxy line is all about having a finger in each pie — decide a category of product, a screen size and a purpose and Samsung will create the device to match.

The question of whether or not the S4 Zoom is qualified to be a phone is a lot tough to answer. You’re not the first person to wonder what type of customer wants to talk on a big chunky phone with an optical lens strapped on the back, but think of the fact that the same question was asked when the huge, stylus carrying, 5.3 inch screen Galaxy Note was launched, and now the Note line is making huge profits for Samsung.

galaxy s4 zoom

galaxy s4 zoom

Granted, there ar individual specs that appear out of place on camera-centered phone — like 5GB storage and a part HD screen to show photos taken on a 16MP camera. Those two specs make the phone seem like it was built by whatever Galaxy Mini parts Samsung had left. And internal hardware isn’t the only issue the Zoom shares with the mini — each are piggybacking on the high-end Galaxy S4 while they’re mid-range hangers-on. Basically, what you’ll get is a Galaxy S4 Mini with a huge camera strapped on the back.

Galaxy S4 Zoom camera

To conclude, our greatest hope for the Galaxy S4 Zoom is that it gives Samsung the opportunity to supply a very high-end successor to the Galaxy Camera, a tool that deserves having the word “Camera” in its name. The S4 Zoom has the thought targeted, however there’s an untapped market of skilled users who need the advantages of an Android-powered camera while not having to stint on image quality. And if Samsung would be the first manufacturer to unleash such a product that meets these desires, it might extend its Android dominance into one more category of product.

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