Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge

| August 25, 2014

Samsung creates the Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge

The Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge is the unusual spinoff of the infamous, world wide craze. Many tech celebrities have accepted this challenge which, essentially, is a special fundraiser designed to make people aware, and of course raise money, to fight ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Some very important people in the mobile phone industry have succumbed to this craze like T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s CEOs. The most unusual participant of them all is Samsung’s own flagship smartphone. I’m not joking.

In the above video you can see the Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge and it nominating the HTC One M8, the iPhone 5S and the Nokia Lumia 930 to jump in as well. Besides the video, Samsung Mobile UK also donated money to the MND association. Even though it’s always good to see major companies do good in this world it’s hard not to get a bit of bad taste in your mouth after watching the Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge Video

It’s a little outrageous when you see big companies turning a charity event into an advertisement designed to bring even more attention to their product. Nobody can question the quality of these commercials, they are very well executed and not only they end up promoting the product in an interesting manner, they are also contributing to a very important cause. The main problem with this Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge is that it’s just a marketing gimmick. It could have been a serious pledge of support if Samsung would’ve just challenged people instead of their competition’s product (some might not do so well in this challenge).

In the end we highly doubt that ALS researches will complain, a donation is a donation regardless of how the company decided to take advantage of this. What do you think? Do you like the Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge video or do you think that they could’ve done it a bit more tastefully?


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