Galaxy S5 sales might be slowing down

| May 10, 2014

Samsung’s silence over the sales milestone might point to a sales problem

Galaxy S5 sales

An outlet in Korean reports that Samsung has already shipped 10 million Galaxy S5 units. However, Samsung usually publicize these type of achievements, so where’s the official announcement?

According to a rather vague report, Samsung has already managed to ship 10 million Galaxy S5 units in just 25 days. If we assume that this report is accurate, this performance would seem really great but the growth of the shipping rate compared to last year is not as good as Samsung wants it to be.

In 2013, Samsung announced the reach of the same 10 million milestone on the 27th day from the launch of the S4, boasting that it managed to sell 4 Galaxy S4’s per second in this video.

Even though the Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone to date it’s only slightly better than its predecessor. Looking back, the Galaxy S3 hit the 10 million milestone in 50 days, the S2 in five months and the Galaxy S in seven months.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the smartphone market grew substantially over the last few years. Samsung launched the Galaxy S5 in 125 markets simultaneously, compared to just 60 markets for the Galaxy S4.

These factors all point to a slowdown in sales, even taking a look at Samsung’s latest earnings reports supports this. This apparent slowdown might be the reason why Samsung has not publicized this milestone like it did with all the other previous flagship models.

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