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| November 20, 2013


Google Play Music offers a good service by allowing you to store all of your music files within the cloud, supplying you with access to them across devices, and on-the-go, while also saving wanted space for storing. With devices like mine that don’t have microSD slots (HTC One X+ and also the Nexus 7, just in case you were wondering), this can be an enormous boom. After all there’s a catch. during this case, you’ll be able to play these files using solely the Google Music app, which implies that if you’re a follower of third-party players like DoubleTwist, Winamp, and also the varied others offered on the Google Play Store, there’s nothing you’ll be able to do. Until now, that is.

GMusicFS Control

Senior XDA Member bubbleguuum has return with the GMusicFS, an associate app that offers you a way to access all of your Google Music files using third-party media players. The app will access your personal Google account, imports track info, and also mounts the cloud drive as native storage, permitting all different players to open these files as if they were being kept on your phone. The app is extremely straightforward to use and a lot of users are looking forward to this app.

Google-Play-Music control

Google-Play-Music control

It’s vital to notice that this is just the beta release of the app, thus it comes with some bugs that need fixing. GMusicFS will work solely on a device with root access, that is needed to have the cloud storage as it’s default option.

GMusicFS Final Thoughts and your comments

What are your thoughts? Were you looking forward to an app with features that the GMusicFS has? If you’ve tried this app please share your opinion withing the comment section below.

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