Goat Simulator to be released on Android

| August 12, 2014

You heard it, Goat Simulator is coming to Android

Goat Simulator

Initially, Goat Simulator was launched as a joke, stretching the limits of what simulator type games can, well, simulate. But this half-joke ended up being a massive hit gathering over one million in sales. This magnificence of a game was only available on PC via Steam, where the game debuted, but now Coffee Stain Studios just announced on their Twitter that they’ve decided to make a mobile version of Goat Simulator for Android and iOS.

If you’ve never heard of this game here’s what you need to know. Goat Simulator is pretty much self-explanatory. The game lets you control a goat and gives you the opportunity of doing goat related activities. Besides acting like a peaceful farm animal you also have the option of storming down the apocalypse on the townsfolk via head butts, weapons, back flips and even more creative solutions that the game lets you discover.

Goat Simulator’s premise isn’t the most intellectual or serious amongst other games on the market but that’s what makes it fun. It has been praised as being one of the most funnest and addictive games around. So, you ask, when will get to experience the madness that comes with being a goat on our handsets? The answer is, we don’t know. Goat Simulator’s developers haven’t given an exact timeframe just yet, though we will keep you updated as soon as we learn more specific details.

Have you ever played this game? If you have, would you like to continue Goat Simulator’s madness on your celular device when you’re not at your home computer?

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