Google Chrome for Android release date

| December 1, 2013


Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for Android

Google has updated the beta version of Chrome for Android with 2 much-loved options on the market for the desktop version. currently the Android app includes the flexibility to autofill forms and save passwords, probably saving a lot of your time when using a tiny low mobile screen to complete tasks.

Google Chrome for Android release date

The new options have been integrated into the Chrome Beta for Android on the market on Google Play. It isn’t clear when it will be available for customers yet, all signs point to next month.

Like the desktop version, once you’ve been using it for a longer period of time it’ll attempt to autofill the data for you, together with name, city, state, address and additional information.

The same goes for passwords, if you are signing up on website it will ask you if you want it to remember the password right now or later.

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome will soon be on you Android smartphone

Google Chrome for the Android version can keep forms and passwords synced as long because it is turned on within the browser settings.

Lastly, the beta adds a replacement feature dubbed SPDY that hopes to “reduce information consumption by loading optimized sites via Google proxy servers”.

If you are interested, you will have to go to Google Play through special link, because of the fact that betas are not listed through Google Play search.

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