Google to buy Whatsapp

| November 1, 2013

There’s no denying the exponential growth and success of third-party messenger apps like KakaoTalk, WeChat, Nimbuzz, Viber, and many others, with one of the most popular of the bunch being Whatsapp that may soon be available for your Android smartphone. Because of the high popularity of this app with over eighteen billion messages being sent, Google is planning to buy Whatsapp and make it available for all of the Android phones. A Digital Trends article is stating that Google and Whatsapp have been talking for the past 4 or 5 weeks the terms of the transaction, also the same article says that Whatsapp is “playing hardball” and charges 1 billion dollars for the takeover so don’t expect the app to soon on your Android smartphone.
This move by Google makes plenty of sense. Google strives to give the best for it’s Android users and it obviously wants a better messaging app. Google Talk, that was very popular a little while ago, hasn’t evolved or grow that much in the past years and has lost a lot of attention that has gone to third-party messaging apps. Recent reports say that the company is currently performing on an unified chat service, named Babel, and the experience of Whatsapp developers in running a managing a cross platform messaging service might  save Google the difficulty of having the edge in a high-competitive market with a totally new product.

Whatsapp for Android will soon be available

Another major reason would be Facebook’s intention to join the instant messaging scene. With the improved Facebook messenger allowing users to sign in with simply a number (similar to Whatsapp), and additionally supporting voice messages (feature available only for U.S. accounts), Google has to raise the bar if it wants to last in this competition.

Of course, this acquisition is also a good move financially. While Whatsapp for Android hasn’t made any numbers in revenue, some reports estimate that the corporation has a profit of almost $100 million a year, while staying ad-free. iOS users pay $0.99 to download the app, while Android users have to pay a fee of $0.99 to use this service. I’ve used Whatsapp for a year and a half now, and still managed to not pay a thing. The service additionally has tie-ups with mobile service suppliers globally.

Whatsapp for android

Whatsapp for Android

If you’re one of those people that still don’t know what Whatsapp is, it’s a traveler service that allows you to send messages,pictures, audio clips, and videos to other users who use the app, regardless of what smartphone platform they are using. Whatsapp for Android will soon be available on your smartphone, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

What do we think about the Google takeover

Do you suppose this is a good move by Google? Do you think Whatsapp for Android is going to be integrated into Google Babel, or still exist as an independent app? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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