hackers reveal the HTC 8X RUU with Windows Phone 8

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Nexus 4 image leak with Android 4.2, hackers reveal the HTC 8X RUU with Windows Phone 8 .

Windows Phone 8S by HTC

Windows Phone 8S by HTC

First android four.2 leaked, and currently it’s Windows Phone 8′s flip. That’s right, XDA Developers have denote the HTC 8X fixed storage Upgrade Utility (RUU) on-line.

Before you go crazy and begin downloading the complete 789MB file, there area unit many belongings you ought to currently. most significantly, this file is extremely possible useless to you.

This is as a result of it’s specifically for the HTC 8X, that in fact isn’t out however. what is more, it already has Windows Phone 8, therefore although you have got the device, flashing it at once would be rather useless. what is more, flashing your current smartphone with the package would nearly definitely brick your phone.

Android 4.2 Details

So, why is that this important? Well, rather like once Windows Phone 7.8 leaked, it implies that enthusiasts and hackers can begin building Windows Phone 8 ports for older phones. Most of them possible won’t work all right, as Microsoft has been insistent that WP7 won’t be upgradeable to WP8 (and therefore the discharge of WP7.8), however several can in all probability work on some level.

In alternative words, this can be specifically what’s happening on the humanoid facet of things, except that Windows Phone isn’t open supply, therefore it’s arguably an even bigger deal. If you continue to don’t perceive, take this paragraph I wrote earlier these days, and replace humanoid four.2 with Windows Phone 8, LG Nexus four with HTC 8X, and android phones with Windows phones:

whereas the fixed storage in question is in fact specifically created for the LG Nexus 4, and there area unit compatibility problems that may have to be compelled to be overcome before anyone sees a totally operating port. It won’t be long currently before alphas and betas begin to surface for fashionable devices, like alternative Nexus merchandise and Samsung Galaxies. I wouldn’t be stunned if stable builds arrived before the primary Nexus devices.

Get it? Got it? smart Android 4.2.

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