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HTC Sensation XE and your New Beats By Dre Executive earphone Review

HTC-Sensation Beats By Dre Executive

HTC-Sensation Beats By Dre Executive

In case you haven’t noticed , rapper Dr. Dre final has his line of new headphones. They’re known as “Beats By Dre” and up to now, they were created united with the corporate Monster. Apparently that has modified currently and Beats square measure their own issue currently, and that’s smart. I’m not an admirer of Monster product, however that’s a story for one more day.

I went on to a small degree of a declamation on Twitter concerning however Beats were replacement your previous expensive items of crap with new expensive items of crap, therefore the company reached resolute ME and asked if I’d check them out and review them.

The combine HTC-Sensation Beats By Dre Executive that the corporate sent ME square measure known as the “Executive” model, and that i assume it’s a promoting ploy to urge the eye of individuals UN agency travel plenty UN agency may create a bagload of cash per annum. That’s therefore not ME, therefore it’s weird that I’m reviewing them. However, i’m obsessed on music, therefore maybe my thoughts can shed some lightweight on whether or not these $299.95 headphones square measure so a chunk of crap – or square measure value shopping for.



Beats Executive™ headphones square measure designed to require you from council chamber to the tarmac and all over in between. These headphones deliver the legendary Beats sound currently in an exceedingly refined premium package that’s easier than ever to require on the road.

How they appear

Not progressing to lie, this stuff square measure attractive. That’s the full Beats by Dre “thing” although, vogue over substance for the foremost half. square measure most of the headphones created by the corporate items of crap for real? No, however they’re not far better than a complete like, say, Bose.

The Executive model is gray, has the Beats emblem on the aspect and appearance pretty comfy. That’s smart, as a result of they’re comfy. They’re honestly the foremost comfy over-ear headphones I’ve ever placed on. I can’t use the new Apple Ear Pad/Bud Whatevers as a result of they don’t work into my ear properly. Oh well. They’re conjointly very lightweight, that I wouldn’t have guessed.

The wire is red, that is additionally one thing that’s distinctive to Beats, and that i want it’d have shipped with a a lot of unpretentious black or gray color. Having same that, it’s extraordinarily smart quality and it will show.

Anyone will tell you if one thing is pretty or not, therefore let’s get to however they perform.

How Beats By Dre Executive Perform and HTC-Sensation Beats By Dre ..

beats-by-dre-executive smartphone headphones

beats-by-dre-executive smartphone headphones

Forget about worth, let’s simply have faith in pure performance. I had our own kid Constine place them on throughout a train ride, and that i have to be compelled to say that the noise cancellation did the work. However, the headphones appear to miss the acute “highs” and “lows.” If you’re craving for a sound with deep, deep bass, don’t get the manager model, you’ll be very discomfited.

Having same that, the sound is actually crisp and there’s no crackle or interference from the noise cancellation in the least. I haven’t used them on AN actual plane nonetheless, however I felt that the train check was shut enough to share my thoughts.

I’ve used them with my iPhone, Nexus seven and my portable computer, and therefore the sound is consistent over all devices. Clearly, the sounds setting out of my MacBook professional square measure superior, however that’s solely as a result of i used to be not paying attention to heavily compressed or streaming music.

THINGS THAT square measure MISSING
There’s one issue that drives ME balmy concerning these headphones, and it’s the actual fact that the on/off switch that powers them doesn’t mechanically stop working once they’re folded-up up and not getting used. the manager headphones take 2 double-A batteries, and I’ve competent four of them within the past four days as a result of I even have forgotten to show them off.

For almost 300 greenbacks, I expect higher. perhaps all headphones square measure like this and I’m simply absent-minded, however man will this create ME wish to toss this stuff out of that moving train.



Other than missing the highs and lows, i actually want that the headphones had some type of electro-acoustic transducer on them too. Since I’m AN “executive”, i take advantage of the phone plenty. It’s a true pain within the ass to be paying attention to Spotify once a decision comes in and forget that there’s no mic on my headphones.
UPDATE: I’m told that there’s a separate cable enclosed with a mic. Great. But weird.

As secure, I shared my review and was fully honest. Would I purchase these headphones with my very own money? most likely not, as a result of I’m not the audience. If you actually do fly plenty and you would like to point out off the actual fact that you’re somebody very important person at a corporation, the manager headphones by Dre square measure value memorizing. For the remainder folks, $300 may be a ton to throw down.

Remember, these headphones solely are available silver…so you can’t even select your vogue.

If you’re AN audiophile, may most likely choose this stuff apart over I ever could. Having same that, I’ve been systematically victimisation them and enjoying however comfy they’re on my headpiece, even on high of my hats. Sounds stupid, however this stuff are vital to me.

When I take them off, my ears aren’t sore, that I’ve old with pricey headphones from nuclear physicist within the past.

Buy or to not buy the Dre Executive for your HTC Sensation ? that’s up to you. but the Beats By Dre Executive are definatly a great headphone for your smartphone.


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