How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S III GPS Problem

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Galaxy S III GPS Problems quick fix guide A free humanoid app known as GPS standing and Toolkit saved Maine from obtaining lost on a recent trip by fixing my Samsung Galaxy S III GPS signal failure.

This weekend I visited visit my son at school. whereas returning home we tend to stopped midway through the four-hour trip in associate foreign city yearning for supper. I force out my Samsung Galaxy S III and did a voice hunt for an honest Chinese edifice and started to navigate thereto victimization the superb intrinsical humanoid Navigation app.

My phone’s GPS signal unbroken dropping each couple of minutes feat Maine somewhat lost.

In the past my Samsung Galaxy S III GPS worked fine. I’ve ne\’er veteran this. Thinking the GPS coverage within the space was the wrongdoer I force out my wife’s iPhone however it worked fine. once looking out on-line I found that sometimes the Galaxy S III and alternative humanoid handsets can get out of whack. the matter comes once the compass within the device loses standardization.

GPS standing may be a free app that fixes compass standardization and gets GPS operating find it irresistible ought to.

The app includes a compass that lets the user calibrate the phone’s intrinsical compass and offers the user the present standing of their phone’s GPS radio.

Galaxy S III GPS screen shoot

Notice below the app’s main screen shows the present heading in compass degrees (upper left number), the orientation in N-S-E-W directions (upper right of the compass), degree of accuracy of the GPS fix (lower left of compass) and also the range of satellites fastened out of twenty doable (lower right of compass).
Galaxy S III GPS Problems
The other figures show numerous details regarding the phone’s GPS fix. To calibrate the compass within the phone, faucet the menu button and opt for Tools so Compass standardization. It provides directions the way to calibrate the phone.
Galaxy S III GPS Problems

Galaxy S III GPS Problems resolved

The directions advice rotate the phone within the 3 axes so faucet OK.

The other 2 tools within the app let users calibrate their pitch and roll yet because the resetting the GPS state by clearing the cache of GPS signals. I performed all 3 of the fixes and things worked dead after.

The app conjointly lets users share their current location via the humanoid sharing menu.

The free app worked well on my Samsung Galaxy S III. If you are experiencing GPS signal troubles, it’s well worth the time and energy to transfer the free app to check if calibrating the compass and/or resetting the GPS knowledge on the phone can work.

If you actually just like the app, get the key to get rid of the ads, though I didn’t notice the ads noticeable and every one the functions add the free version Galaxy S III GPS Problems.

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