How to install Facebook Home on your new Android smartphone

| October 18, 2013

How to install Facebook Home on your new Android smartphone, we’ll walk you through the Facebook Home app. There’s a little more to it than merely downloading a replacement app.

Facebook has released its “Facebook Home” application for current Android smartphone devices, helping to bring your friends and family even closer to you. It’s a separate application, therefore you will have it alongside the standard Facebook and or Facebook Messenger app.

Installing it is simple, however you will need to see if Facebook Home supports your smartphone.

get it on play facebook home install

Get the app on Google Play

If you haven’t already downloaded Facebook Home then click the link above this post. Once it installs, you are simply a couple clicks away from using the Facebook Home app. The first step you need to do is install the Facebook Home app.


Facebook Home is in fact a “launcher”, that’s the umbrella term for your home screens and app drawer. It runs on Android and it will most likely turn your device into a “Facebook phone,” or you can say that Facebook has “taken over” your Android smartphone, but you will still have full control of your smartphone. One of the many cool options in Android is that you can install a new launcher on top of whatever came together with your smartphone, and that is what we’re doing with Facebook Home.


Install Facebook Home

So here are a handful options for starting Facebook Home, and they are each super simple:

  • Enter your application drawer and tap the new “Home” application.
  • Open the Facebook application, and you will see the “Finish setup” image that is atop this post.


facebook home install launcher

Facebook Home install launcher

After that, you will see a rather confusing panel asking you to “Complete action using …” and you will see a handful icons. What you are doing here is telling your phone what launcher you wish to use, and whether or not you wish to use it from now on. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to simply uninstall Facebook Home if you decide you do not use it anymore.

Click the “Home” icon, then click “Always.” If you select “Just once”,  it will ask you to repeat this again the following time you see your Home button.

Wait almost ten seconds and Facebook Home will be up and running. I hope this step by step guide has helped you install Facebook Home on your Android smartphone.

Install Facebook Home

Installed Facebook Home

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