How to Install Theme on Android smartphone

| April 10, 2013

To give your new android smartphone a brand new look the best and easiest way is to install a new theme on your android smartphone. A theme can change the entire look of you android smartphone. So, you should install a pleasant theme for your android device and if you are not sure on how to install theme on android then follow our tips below. Don’t worry I’m here to assist you cause during this post I’m aiming to share a way to install any theme on android smartphones.

How to Install Theme on android

How to Install Theme on android

How to Install Theme on android

Note: Your android device should be rooted to install theme on android

  • move to the theme file location and alter the theme file name to ““
  • Copy the theme file and paste it to the foundation directory of SD Card
  • currently you need to create a backup from your android smartphone therefore we are going to recover the phone to its original settings and condition
  • currently you ought to reboot your android in Recovery Mode and do it just press and hold your phone’s Power button till the android emblem appears
  • release the button and the Recovery Screen will slowly return to normal
  • within the Recovery Screen merely scroll down and choose the version of your android and wait for an instant to get the backup process completed
  • once the backup has been completed it will show on the screen “backup complete” (so far so good)
  • currently your android is prepared get the them applied to apply the theme scroll got the SD Card and choose “” file and press the “Home” button to verify the selection of the theme
  • Wait till it shows “install from  sdcard complete”
  • currently reboot your android smartphone and it ought to take about 5-10 minutes and your phone can come with the new theme which you simply installed

So, the next time you get bored of your current theme feel free to go and Install theme on android smartphone and install the themes simply following the steps shown above.

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