How to manage, repair Android Apps on your Smartphone

| May 2, 2013

wondering how to repair Android Apps on tablets, smartphones, and PCs look completely different on the surface, however on the within they suppose identical components:  CPU, processor, memory and a storage Disck volume that holds an software, device drivers, and apps. Your android smartphone and tablet have smaller screens and fewer peripherals than a typical computer has, however you continue to find yourself sound and clicking your approach through your knowledge before pulling out a keyboard albeit a virtual one to get real work done.

And sort of a computer, a mobile device will become clogged with parentless apps, boatloads of pictures or personal files, and different random bits of junk knowledge. once that happens, the device could hamper, run out of cupboard space, or behave unpredictably. To cope with these issues on associate android tablet or smartphone, you’ve got to understand the way to monitor and manage resources, move or delete knowledge, and repair or take away obstreperous apps. Here’s the way to handle those tasks.

How to manage, repair Android Apps on your Smartphone

Assess the case
Like PCs, android devices could behave erratically as they run low of cupboard space or memory. Symptoms that this might be happening on your device embrace apps that haphazardly crash or won’t load the least bit, and an inability to save lots of new footage or videos. to visualize whether or not you’re running low on area or memory, open the storage and system monitors engineered into repair Android Apps. (Note: The menus I seek advice from could dissent cosmetically from those on your device, betting on the version of android smartphone you’re running, however accessing them ought to be similar.)

running-apps-repair Android Apps

running-apps-repair Android Apps

Like PCs, android smartphone devices normally have a large number of applications, processes, and services running within the background—even when a bring up.

First steps in repair Android Apps, bring down the notification shade or open your app drawer, and faucet the Settings icon—it typically feels like a gear. Scroll down the long list of settings till you’ll see a menu item labelled ‘Storage’. faucet the Storage icon, and you must see an informative list that details the amounts of cupboard space presently occupied by the device’s applications, footage and video, audio files and ringtones, other files and downloads along with entries indicating the device’s total space for storing and its remaining out there space.

In the Storage menu, you’ll monitor what proportion cupboard space is left on your device, however you can’t do abundant else except format a storage volume—which you won’t need to try and do unless you’re wiping the device clean. To repair Android Apps or create changes to the device while not wiping something out, you’ll got to use Application Manager, Android’s inbuilt app manager. To access it, visit Settings, scroll down the list of choices to Application Manager, and faucet it (on some devices, you’ll got to click Applications then Manage or Manage Applications). With Application Manager open, you’ll swipe to reveal 3 columns of apps: –

top-repair your android smartphone apps

top-repair your android smartphone apps

The Application Manager within the android smartphone system settings menu permits you to forcibly stop and clean up most applications.

The list of Downloaded apps can show all of the apps you’ve downloaded from the Google Play store, also as several of the complete apps that your carrier or device manufacturer put in. The Running apps and every one apps lists area unit obvious. At rock bottom of the transfer and every one columns, you’ll see the quantity of cupboard space that the app is using; and at rock bottom of the Running column, the additive quantity of memory that each one of the apps are using seems.

Repair Android Apps process is easy by tapping an app within the Downloaded or All column can reveal a menu with varied choices, together with selections to force-stop associate app (basically, killing it to unlock memory), to uninstall it (repair Android Apps ), or to clear cache and app knowledge. If you wish to get rid of associate app, merely faucet the Uninstall button. If you’re making an attempt to rehabilitate an app that’s not running properly, however, the ‘Clear cache’ and ‘Clear data’ buttons could resolve the problems. sound the ‘Clear cache’ button can wipe out any cached knowledge or files related to the app, and force recaching of recent copies. sound the ‘Clear knowledge’ button can delete all personal data related to associate app, together with login knowledge and high scores for varied games. The app ought to come to its freshly downloaded condition. If associate app malfunctions, 1st faucet Clear cache. If that doesn’t facilitate, faucet Clear knowledge. If that, too, fails to resolve the matter, strive uninstalling the app (by sound Uninstall), restarting your device, and reinstalling the app.

Removing and relocating apps and knowledge
As I’ve mentioned, uninstalling an app is as simple as gap Android’s Application Manager, sound the app within the All apps list, then sound Uninstall.

Unfortunately, some applications that the android smartphone manufactures preinstalled on your device could also be embedded in such some way that you just can’t uninstall them unless you’ve got root access to the phone or custom code.
Uninstalling an android smartphone application is as easy as navigating to the applying Manager, finding the app, and sound Uninstall.

uninstall-repair Android Apps

uninstall-repair Android Apps

In part of uninstalling apps to unlock internal cupboard space on your device, you’ll move apps to a MicroSD card.  Newer devices running android ice cream Sandwich (ICS) or jelly bean (JB) might not allow you to install apps on an SD Card, however older versions of android smartphone have the SD Card installation feature inbuilt.

Before you progress any apps, though, bear in mind that any app that has an associated home-screen widget or that needs access to bound android smartphone system files won’t operate properly once put in on an SD Card.  If you’re unsure concerning that apps you’ll safely move, you would possibly need to transfer an app from the Google Play store referred to as App two SD. this easy tool scans the apps put in on your device and lists those that you just will transfer to SD Card while not hazard.

To move associate app, you’ll faucet it in App two Coyote State, which is able to open the app’s properties within the Application Manager. Once there, faucet Force stop then faucet the Move to Coyote State button out there within the Storage section. when a couple of moments, the app can reside on your SD State Card.
Many versions of android allow you to move nonsystem applications and private knowledge to associate external MicroSD card to conserve internal cupboard space. The App two Coyote State app permits you to grasp that apps are safe to maneuver.

apps-repair Android Apps

apps-repair Android Apps

Of course, unless you’ve got a large amount of them put in, apps in all probability aren’t the largest cupboard space hogs on your device. picture and video files tend to require up way more space than apps, thus it’s value moving them to associate SD Card also. to confirm that your device stores new photos and videos on your SD State Card automatically, open your camera application and navigate to its settings menu (this can vary from device to device).

In the settings menu, navigate to the Storage section, and alter the choice from ‘Phone’ or ‘Internal Storage’ to Memory Card.  If you’d additionally wish to move your existing photos and videos, you’ll simply do thus by connecting your device to a computer via a USB cable; the computer ought to acknowledge your phone or tablet as a removable memory device, at that purpose you’ll move the image folder from the device’s internal storage to the SD Card by dragging it over.

If you’d rather complete the method on the device itself while not employing a computer, open the file manager enclosed on your device (if your device doesn’t have one, you’ll notice lots of them within the Google Play store) and browse to your picture/video folder. faucet and hold it, and within the ensuing menu, choose Move. Then browse to your SD Card and faucet Move Here.

Repair Android Apps on your Smartphone Desperate measures

If your android smartphone device won’t boot properly or otherwise un-usable, clearing the smartphone’s cache partition or restoring it to manufacturing plant defaults could also be your solely choice. Android-based smartphones and tablets typically come with a inbuilt recovery tool that you just will use to perform some maintenance operations or to revive the device’s software package to like-new condition. The procedure for coming into recovery mode varies from device to device, however it always entails restartting the smartphone, and holding some combination of buttons whereas powering the device back on. On a Samsung Galaxy Note II, for instance, you launch recovery mode by powering down the phone then holding down the house and volume up buttons whereas at the same time pressing the ability button.

recovery-repair Android apps smartphone apps

recovery-repair Android apps smartphone apps

Android devices have a inbuilt Recovery partition and System Recovery utility that you just will wont to perform maintenance or to wipe the device of information and restore it to fresh-from-the-factory condition.

Once your device enters recovery mode, you’ll see a basic menu containing a couple of choices for applying updates or wiping varied partitions. In most instances, you’ll navigate the menu together with your device’s volume up and volume down buttons, associated you’ll press the ability button to pick an item. Before wiping all knowledge and acting a manufacturing plant reset, it’s an honest plan to wipe the cache partition alone, since this less extreme step often resolves stability problems. Wiping the cache partition removes app elements, temporary files, and different random bits of information keep within the cache, however the cache can automatically build with recent knowledge once you bring up your phone and start victimization your apps.

If when attempting each different fix represented here, you continue to have problems together with your android smartphone device, wiping the cache and knowledge partitions and returning it to its manufacturing plant presets can restore the device’s software package to like-new condition. however take into account this your last resort: the method of wiping knowledge and restoring manufacturing plant presets is admire the method of reformatting your PC’s drive and putting in a clean copy of Windows. You’ll lose as of non-public knowledge keep on the device’s internal memory and can got to put in all of your apps.

If that outcome is suitable to you, enter recovery mode on your device and select the choices to wipe cache and wipe knowledge. once you bring up your device, it’ll behave as if you were powering it up for the primary time. Let us know how you deal with this on your android smartphone and if you have oher ways to repair Android apps on your devices.

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