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HTC concept smartphone: A Galaxy Note with a screen that folds!

 While we aren’t that crazy about some of these new concepts that have been floating around that come with such a huge degree of “innovation” that they can’t be even put into the assembly line, this one by HTC looks like it might actually be doable and a really good idea. Made by Borhof, and it seems to be a HTC Android smartphone (well at least it looks like one) that isn’t just as big as our favorite Galaxy Note, it can be folded in half and fit nicely in your pocket. That will solve one of the biggest issues of the Galaxy Note- its size and movability.

HTC Concept Smartphone how_it_foldsflexible concept htc

The new concept by HTC

Smart, clean and modern, the HTC concept smartphone has great features

This is a concept that is highly probable to hit the market, even Samsung debuted some devices that have this flexible screen technology at CTIA and rumors have it that Samsung is already coming up with a new device that will feature this new technology in a year or two. Some even expected the Galaxy S3 with a versatile screen, however that’s simply not happening regardless of how much you would like for it. However the next generation of smartphones might have this kind of screen and it will put an end to size issues once and for all.

HTC concept Smartphone visual and how it works

HTC Concept Smartphone how_it_folds

How it will fold

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