HTC Droid DNA Smartphone Review

| February 27, 2013

The HTC Droid DNA is a serious smartphone ! Motorola and Verizon took the planet by storm with the introduction of the first Droid in 2009. it absolutely was one amongst the primary serious android handsets on the market, and arguably, helped bring android to wherever it’s nowadays.

Verizon has continuing with its Droid branding over the years, bringing HTC into the combo with its unimaginable line. In november 2012, Verizon and HTC joined hands for the introduction of the HTC Droid DNA (J Butterfly in Japan) taking several of the “Incredible” traits, however adding more a lot of.

HTC Droid DNA Hardware



While it is not a Galaxy Note II in size, the HTC Droid DNA may be a massive smartphone, mesuring in at 5-inches. the instant you choose up the phone its lightweight build is noticeable. but wherever things really begin to get spectacular is that the new smartphone handset’s show.

The HTC Droid DNA features a 5-inch “Super digital display 3″ display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. that creates it a 441 pixels-per-inch monster, and means that the DNA has one amongst the very best resolution displays on the market. To compare, the HTC One X+ features a 312ppi and therefore the iPhone 5′s retina show clocks in at about 326ppi. comparing up against the iPhone 5, the iPhone five is unquestionably brighter, however you’ll be able to see the crispness within the HTC Droid DNA.

Build quality on the HTC Droid DNA smartphone reminds us plenty of the other Droid unimaginable handsets offered on Verizon. HTC Droid DNA has enclosed the black matte back with a fashionable red Verizon finish. it should be time for HTC to initiate in this arena.

htc Droid DNA black and red 23gb


At the highest of the device you’ll be able to realize the ability button, microSIM card slot, and earphone jack. we’ve to mention, we have a tendency to would like HTC took a lead from Apple and different makers and placed the earphone jack at all-time low. The microSIM card slot looks to be to a small degree awkwardly placed, however given the telephone does not have a removable battery and therefore the bottom is full with the charging port, the highest appearance pretty much as good because it gets. The charging port’s door may be a very little awkward yet.

Like the One X+ offered on AT&T, the HTC Droid DNA’s electrical phenomenon bit screen buttons are pretty spot on. you will find back, home, and up to date apps buttons that build it straightforward to regulate the smartphone. The show was conjointly responsive in our tests, doing away with any random or lost presses which will are found on the One X+.

Verizon decision quality and information speeds over the 4G network are a number of the simplest we’ve used. whereas AT&T has begun to catch up in recent months, its obvious that Verizon’s 4G network remains dominant within the us. 4G LTE does not exclude from the HTC Droid DNA’s 2020mAh battery, that we have a tendency to found took us through a whole day on one charge.

HTC Droid DNA Camera

The HTC Droid DNA smartphone is sporting a 8-megapixel f/2.0 rear-facing camera that provides the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 cameras a last their cash. With 1080p capabilities, the camera takes sharp image and video, even in low lightweight. The front-facing camera is 2.2-megapixel and conjointly f/2.0 and, imposingly conjointly 1080p. It’s simply the simplest front-facing camera on the market.

Software on the Droid DNA



Inside the DNA you will find a quad-core snapdragon S4 pro processor and 2GB of RAM that brings many power to the show. Any speed issue on the telephone are often tied all the way down to HTC’s Sense UI, that we have a tendency to found to be difficult .

Stock android is nice – specifically jelly bean. The HTC Droid DNA will feature jelly bean, however you’ll be able to hardly tell, because of HTC’s Sense 4 smartphone.

Sense adds a bunch of custom practicality and styling to stock android, and whereas options like Google currently are still offered, HTC Droid DNA changes plenty of the UI for the more severe. the opposite issue with Sense is what quantity it slows down the software package. As we have seen on stock golem devices just like the Galaxy Nexus, android is speedy. however with an aftermarket overlay, not such a lot.


Using the Incredible’s style, the realm the HTC Droid DNA very challenged the smartphone market is therewith superb screen.

The device is speedy most of the time, and therefore the screen is basically spectacular. the realm holding the telephone back is that the Sense overlay. we have a tendency to would like HTC would enable customers the selection between stock android and any shenanigans HTC Droid DNA has thrown on, as a result of jelly bean alone may be a solid mobile OS.

Given the DNA is near to replaced by the HTC M7 smartphone within the next month, we’d advise you to carry off for currently, however it’s obvious that the M7 goes to borrow from the DNA’s hardware. it is also apparent HTC Droid DNA is gearing up for 2013 with some serious plans that we are going to get on the design out for.

The HTC Droid DNA is also the right smartphone for anyone longing for a 5-inch smartphone handset, and given the $199 on-contract pricing, Verizon and HTC Droid DNA hit the sweet spot.

However, things square measure progressing to get even sweeter this spring for HTC Droid DNA.







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