HTC One best smartphone yet?

| October 30, 2013

HTC One returns with a sleek metal style, re-imagined software and a daring new camera experience.

We’re all out of poetic ways to explain HTC’s current release, the HTC One. A frustrating 2012 saw a number of the year’s best mobile devices being met with declining sales and market presence for the Taiwanese manufacturer. Once they were seen as the leader of Android smartphones, nowadays they’re views more as losers.

That, in part, was due to the confused selling strategy around last year’s HTC One series. The One X and One S were followed by a whole army of  Ones: V, VX, XL, XT, XC, SU, SV, SC, and X+.

In 2013, however, there’s just one One. The new HTC One is the best phone on the market, as the name suggests, the singular focus of HTC’s high-end smartphone line. This is HTC’s best smartphone so far in terms of hardware, software, screen and optics, the only thing missing is the “kitchen sink”.

HTC One best smartphone yet?

This is a phone that is different from any other on the market, either way you look at it. As different smartphones are progressively faceless , monolithic black slabs, HTC sandwiches its screen between 2 bassy front-facing speakers called BoomSound. As competitors make 13-megapixel shooters, HTC bucks the trend with a way lower megapixel count but it compensates in optics. UltraPixels definatly makes the HTC One one of the best smartphones out there. It also comes with Zoe Share, a method to share your pictures and videos and a brand new home screen app that brings the world to you, BlinkFeed.

And let’s not forget the fact that it’s rare to find a decent aluminium smartphone.

The good

Stunning style, and a few of the most effective build quality we’ve seen in an Android smartphone. Near-perfect screen with wonderful colours and viewing angles. implausibly speedy performance, utterly lag-free interface and a gorgeous, efficient Sense UI. Glorious audio quality from the front speakers (and bundled earbuds). The “UltraPixel” camera performs rather well in low light…

The bad

… however the the camera experience does not quite live up to HTC’s hype. Featured options like “Video Highlights” may well be higher enforced. The wonky button setup takes some getting accustomed. BlinkFeed is beneficial however underdeveloped.

So is the HTC One really the best phone on the market?

The HTC One is an exquisite piece of style and engineering. From the hardware to the package, HTC’s new smartphone incorporates a number of the highest style work in the business. If there’s one thing to be frustrated about, it would be the much-vaunted “UltraPixel” camera. And not to mention it’s unhealthy in and of itself, but it’s a different approach for a solution to cure all of your mobile photography woes, and tho’ its low-light performance is amazing, it still lags behind the competition in another areas.

In spite of this, is it the best smartphone out there? Without a question. And in spite of everything, is it the most effective Android phone you’ll be able to buy? For the moment, yes and my advise to you is to go out and get it.

HTC One best smartphone

HTC’s One best smartphone

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