HTC One (M8) design head leaves the company

| April 26, 2014

The man that made the One’s will no longer be at HTC


The man behind the designs of the HTC One (M8) and every other One, David Croyle, will soon be leaving the company. David led HTC’s design team since the manufacturer bought his studio, One & Co back in 2008. Since then, his team designed some of the most attractive smartphones in the past few years. We can sadly rest assured that Croyle will no longer be making smartphone designs for HTC, the Taiwanese company told The Verge that his departure is a “long-term transition” that will see him taking the role of consultant for the next few months.

David left the company to work on other projects, sadly we haven’t heard a word about the details of said projects but hopefully we’ll see more of his work whenever it’s ready. His replacement, Jonah Becker, Croyle’s second in line, will most likely take over his place at the company’s design team in San Francisco.

Even though HTC managed to consistently produce great looking devices it has its shair of problems. None of those stunning devices hasn’t matched the sales of any Galaxy phone by Samsung, and Croyle is the latest major executive to leave the company. According to GeekWire, Ford Davidson, who joined HTC when the manufacturer bought his company, will also be leaving to work on his own projects.

These aren’t good signs for HTC, with every major executive leaving the company and its poor sales, and if you take into consideration that it will soon be expanding to wearable devices, a category that hasn’t yet been proven useful to any major company, things do look grim. Even if Becker will manage keep the consistency of the designs quality that won’t be enougt to save HTC.

What do you think? Will it make a miraculous comeback or will it just crash into the ground?

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