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| May 20, 2013

Mophie Juice Pack case’s usual high standard quality shines with this beautiful HTC One battery case, however you have to be ready for a serious increase on its size.

The Mophie Juice Pack adds to the HTC One smartphone and bulks it up A lot. it is a massive case filled with battery-2,500 mAh, to be precise-that takes an already lanky phone, makes it even taller and fills it out sort of a blogger at a buffet. you would like to understand this before hefting this the Juice Pack.

But those of some who have tried using the Juice Packs before understand that this can be the trade-off for having a combination case and battery, an integration that was created well-liked by the iPhone and has become that a lot of|far more|rather more|way more} vital as more phone makers seal the batteries within.

And currently we have got a Mophie Juice Pack for the HTC One.

If you are unaccustomed to this, here’s the deal. The Mophie Juice Pack may be a hard-shell case with a 2,500 mAh battery tucked within. It plugs into your phone constant way a charger would plug into your phone. it is also comparatively unaccustomed android phones. The Juice Pack has long been essential for the iPhone, however we tend to were fairly thwarted with the Galaxy S3 Juice Pack we tried and tested. (All four of them we actually tested.) Sharp edges and some different minor (but noticeable) producing details led us to not suggest the Mophie for the GS3. Another deciding issue was that the Galaxy S3-like its successor, the Galaxy S4-still features a detachable battery, and you’ll be able to get an alternate replacement cheaper than you can a Mophie Juice Pack.

Mophie Juice Pack htc smartphone

Mophie Juice Pack htc smartphone

For the HTC One, we’re going the opposite direction. the problems we tend to had with the Galaxy S3 case are not to be seen here, and what we have got may be a solid battery case that theoretically doubles the number of your time you’ll be able to use your HTC One.
Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One – the case itself

It’s controversial that a part of a Juice Pack is more vital-the case or the battery. We’ll begin with the previous, however. Like we aforesaid, this case is massive, adding some six-tenths of an inch tall. know how the twin speakers create the HTC One taller than lots of phones out there? This case adds to it considerably. The Juice Pack conjointly nearly doubles the thickness — the HTC One was 9.3 millimeter at its thinnest — however theres a delicate curving toward the sides that tempers that somewhat.

By the numbers, you are looking at the following:
Height    dimension     Thickness
HTC One naked    5.41 in.     2.68 in.     0.37 in.
Mophie Juice Pack for HTC One    6.06 in.     2.88 in.     0.67 in.

It’s a pretty stark distinction. however at constant time, I truly just like the exaggerated thickness. I’ve never very enjoyed the anorexic trend smartphones have taken the past couple years, with thin-at-all-costs dominating style. The exaggerated thickness with the Mophie Juice Pack truly makes things feel a lot of proportional. i could be crazy, though. i would a bit like junk within the trunk.

side view  Mophie Juice Pack

side view Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie’s soft-touch plastic remains glorious, though it’s susceptible to showing off the oil from your hands. Seating the phone within the case may be a undertaking. You squeeze the edges of the top section of the case (that’s the short part) and slight it straight up to get rid of it. The HTC One then slides down into the most body, with the microUSB plug touch the port on the phone, nearly just like the object is on rails. Mophie did a very nice job with obtaining that battle right. And then you replace the top section, and you are geared up.

On the rear of the case you will find four LEDs with a button to concisely flip them on. That shows how much juice the Juice Pack has left with that to juice. there is a little toggle next to it. Flip it to green, and the phone charges off the Juice Pack battery. Leave it red, and also the phone’s on its own power.

The IR blaster hidden within the HTC One power buttons still works even with the Mophie Juice Pack connected

The Juice Pack has cutouts for all the microphones and ports and cameras and what not on the HTC One. the quantity rocker works with buttons on the Juice Pack itself, and they are OK. the ability button on the Juice Pack truly stands proud a trifle quite on the HTC One itself-that is an honest issue, truly-however it is a little soft. few deal-breaker, particularly once you take into consideration that the IR blaster that is designed into the HTC One’s power button still works even with the Juice Pack connected.

Also, NFC still works, too. Nice.

The bottom of the case features a microUSB port. that is wherever you introduce the Juice Pack to charge. however you do not need to take away the HTC One first. In fact, if you simply introduce everything promptly, you may at the same time charge your phone and also the Juice Pack. The metal part contacts down there are for a desktop dock that we’ve been hearing concerning for months however still haven’t seen.

All in all, the case is incredibly nicely done. no sharp edges or ill-fitting components that we tend to saw on different models. It’s big, however this can be battery case. Not a slim fitting case.

Mophie Juice Pack comparison

Mophie Juice Pack comparison

HTC One charging with the Mophie Juice Pack

The other aspect of this rather giant coin is charging your phone. It is, after all, why to procure the Mophie Juice Pack. it is a little necessary to line expectations here. The HTC One features a battery with 2,300 mAh. The Juice Pack gives another 2,500 to the table. theoretically, that is double the battery life. you will likely realize you do not quite get that in real world, however, as a result of you will still be using your phone while it’s charging. you may learn to urge the feel for it in time.

Mophie rates the Juice Pack’s output at 1.0A. So, again, this is not some miracle fast charger remedy. It’s meant to be a gradual stream of power once your phone went low. The Juice Pack is ranked at 500 charge cycles-that is 500 full charge/discharge cycles for its battery case, not your phone. Mophie advices charging your phone the maximum amount as you would like, then switch the case back to standby.

From dead to charged, though? Figure some hours at least. and that is assuming your Juice Pack is totally charged the minute you hit that toggle. there’ll be some flexibility here. It conjointly takes some hours to charge the Juice Pack. (The LEDs on the rear close up when some seconds, therefore you will not be well-kept in the dead of night with you allow it charging.)

the bottom line

At the time of this writing, the Juice Pack runs $99 on Mophie’s web site. (It’s presently offered in black; a silver version ought to be prepared by mid-May.) that is not an insignificant total, as long as another 2,500 mAh of power is about a third of what you’ll be able to get from an external battery at 1/3 the value. however this can be battery and case in one package. It’s arguably a lot of convenient to hold. and it protects your HTC One while not sacrificing options. (You Ingress players can find it irresistible.)

You just need to be willing to simply accept a fairly vital size bump within the process let us know your thoughts on this new side view  Mophie Juice Pack.

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