HTC One review the best smartphone of 2013?

| March 7, 2013

Possibly the best Smartphone of 2013 The HTC One

HTC One Detailed Review

HTC has confirmed its Android flagship Smartphone of 2013: the HTC One and is going to be the sole ‘One’ device to launch this year. The HTC One smartphone, that was unveiled a couple of weeks ago, is already proving to be a success, receiving a stack of positive reviews. But, according with Phil Roberson, head of HTC GB and Ireland, there isn’t another flagship on the agenda for 2013. It was last year that the Taiwanese manufacturer declared a variety of ‘One’ devices, particularly the One S, One X and One V.

HTC One review- the sole One for 2013

HTC One has marked the beginning of a “new approach” from the manufacturer because it suggest that it will focus more upon the standard of the device it will reveal rather than the huge variety it can come with.

So, can the HTC One smartphone bring enough innovation and practicality to the table to kick-start this new strategy? Judging by it positive reviews and huge success the short answer is yes.

HTC is famous for creating fashionable smartphones, well-favored handsets and it did just that with the One. The sickle-shaped aluminum armour plate on the HTC One gives it a premium feel and it makes it sit well in the hand.On the front face of the phone rests a 4.7-inch screen that is sandwiched 2 ‘BoomSound’ speakers with built in stereo.

The HTC One boasts one of the best screen resolutions ever seen on a smartphone, packing a staggering 468ppi. Though the 1080p Full HD screen might not be as bright as the one seen the Sony Xperia Z, pictures are displayed crisp and clear, whether or not reading your favorite blog or watching a video. However, the colors typically appear over saturated that cause the screen to become stressful on the eyes once you’ve been looking at it for a while.

Under the hood of the HTC One
Powering everything is a powerfull 1.7GHz quad-core processor and also with 2GB of RAM, that is quite enough to confirm that the new BlinkFeed will not be lagging. BlinkFeed pulls information to the homescreen in real time, thus it’s perpetually connected to on-line sources, the same as the Live Tiles on Windows Phone devices. The performance has not been lost and navigation on this phone is sleek, even while multitasking.

HTC One Detailed Review

Operating system and user interface
Overlaying Google’s latest Android Jelly Bean OS is HTC’s new Sense 5.0 interface, that brings the all-new BlinkFeed feature we have a tendency to mention. BlinkFeed brings updates from media sources like The Guardian and Reuters.
If BlinkFeed isn’t for your taste you can modify your homescreen but that will cost you extra features that are not on the other Android devices. However, doing this can lose you the advantage of having BlinkFeed there as soon as you unlock the smartphone. However, while Sense 5.0 allows users to pick completely different parts to point out on the lockscreen, these customisation choices aren’t carried through to the default BlinkFeed homescreen, thus you can’t add any further icons.

HTC One back camera

HTC One Detailed Review

Camera and video
HTC has introduced what it calls UltraPixel camera, that is just 4-megapixels. But, it’s how these megapixels work that takes the HTC One’s camera technology to the next level. HTC has used an even bigger shutter that allows for better pictures. It works significantly well in low light conditions, enhancing the quality and sharpness of the pictures and eliminating any unwanted blurs or shadows.

The Taiwanese manufacturer has also introduced a new innovation called the HTC Zoe, a camera app that in stead of taking a lot of pictures, records a brief three-second video clip. Users will then pull out different frames that they want to save. For example, if somebody were to run past the frame when the shot is being taken, you can just  scroll back to the desired image you want.

It’s an extremely innovative feature that ensures you will always get the right shot, it’s something similar to BlackBerry 10’s Time Shift. However, whereas the Time Shift app only allows you to edit people’s faces, HTC Zoe works across any a part of the image. Regarding video recording the HTC One records in 1080p at thirty frames per second, and because of a HDR perform, it produces clear and crisp results even in low-light settings.

Possibly the best smartphone of 2013

Thanks to its sleek style, powerful performance and a generous degree of innovation the HTC One smartphone actually stands out from its rivals, and it’s signalling the success of HTC’s new strategy. The BlinkFeed homescreen will have mixed reviews. The hardcore Android fans might not like this new feature but it can actually charm the fans of Windows Phone devices.

The HTC One is a very nice smartphone and it signals the start of HTC’s new strategy. The Taiwanese manufacturer decided to focus more on the quality of the device rather than producing a huge number of different handsets. The HTC One is the solid proof, with these features and high end hardware it will surely put it’s mark in the smartphone market.

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