HTC One SV review

| November 17, 2013

Is the HTC One SV the best smartphone you can get?

HTC one sv Smartphone

The HTC One SV proves to be a spectacularly engaging smartphone that will be available on postpaid carriers. You can get it from Cricket Wireless for $349.99 and the slim, colorful enticing One SV definitely adds spice to the provider’s options. With a nice bright fiery red highlights and that premium feel, it’s one of the best designed HTC handsets to be released in quite a while. However, while the Android phone is powerfull dual-core processor, it’s camera isn’t that high-tech.

Design of the HTC One SV

HTC definitely has a talent for crafting beautiful smartphones and this ability shows within the One SV. With its light curves and rounded edges, and not to mention the spirited red highlights, the One SV is not your typical black-slab smartphone. Instead, the crimson metallic  trim that runs round the phone is a reminder of  HTC’s alternative premium gadgets like the Droid DNA and Evo 4G LTE.

Measuring a thin 0.36 inches in thickness and 5 inches tall by 5.6 inches wide, the device is much petite besides today’s giant smartphone. The HTC smartphone manages to tip the scales with a featherweight 4.3 ounces thus making it a joy to hold in your hand.

Of course some sacrifices had to be made like the One SV’s smaller 4.3-inch (800×400-pixel) showLCD display. It has a fewer pixel count than the HD-resolution screens that you will find on several high-end handsets. As a result text and pictures seem less sharp than I like and viewing angles are a bit shallow. Even so, the screen will get pretty bright.

Above the screen may be a long speaker grille with 5 red dashes embedded inside it that push the One SV’s artistic even more. Here you may find a 1.6 megapixel front-facing camera, whereas below the screen there are 3 electrical and backlit keys, red in color, for the main Android operations.

The HTC One SV’s slim, metallic-red edges.

HTC one sv Smartphone

HTC’s ports and buttons are kept at a minimum, it has a Micro-USB port, a skinny volume bar on the right, and a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. On the back of the phone you’ll  find a 5 MP camera, a LED flash, and neon-red battery cover. The device is skinny but it has a soft-touch surface that is simple to grip and repels fingerprints. Beneath all that you will find an 1,800mAh removable battery, and slots for SIM and microSD cards.

On back of the HTC One SV there is a huge 5MP camera with flash

Software and UI
Running on the Android 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, the HTC One SV offers a contemporary software system experience. Sure, it isn’t the newest and most advanced software package that has rolled off Google’s Android, that being the Android 4.1/4.2 Jelly Bean. HTC has made its own Sense 4.1 computer program on the OS, though. It provides many helpful enhancements like a lock screen with customizable quick-launch icons, and special gesture control with cool browser tools.

To unlock the device and jump to the home screen you just flick a virtual ring. You can additionally choose between four icons (phone, e-mail, messages, and camera by default) to pull into the ring’s center.

Pull quick-launch icon to the unlock ring area.

HTC one sv Smartphone

There are seven home screens at your disposal, too, that you’ll fill and tweak with widgets and shortcuts to applications. Dragging things on on top of each other creates folders that help keep your phone tidy.

HTC’s gesture controls adds another twist. For instance, rather than clumsily dragging application icons  to put them on on the home screen, simply hold your finger down on. Doing thus can cycle through screens till you find a perfect spot to drop your favorite app or gadget onto.

Sense additionally supports multiple social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The top side of this feature is that the phone can scan your contacts list and find potential links among these services. You” see photos your friends have shared and see any recent updates they’ve made using these apps.

HTC One SV features

The HTC One SV may be a true Android smartphone and with this pedigree it supports for all of Google’s in style services like Gmail, Google+, the Chrome browser and the Google Play app store. There you will find a good choice of books, movies, music, and over 700,000 apps for download. The device supports private e-mail accounts too, and therefore the previous mentioned social networks.

HTC one sv Smartphone

You can have third-party applications like the the Dropbox file-sharing app and TuneIn’s net radio player .HTC Cricket has thrown in its own grab bag of software system, most of it of very little worth, like a mobile internet app, Cricket Browser, MyBackup and a contact-saving tool.

Muve Music, however, is another story. The free Muve service primarily helps you to rummage around and stream or transfer audio tracks right to your Cricket smartphone. In fact, the One SV comes with a special 4GB Muve microSD Card, 3GB of that is reserved for storing Muve tunes. Do not get any ideas, though; the Muve music you transfer is encrypted and solely playable on the phone.

Muve Music comes free with a Cricket subscription.

The HTC One SV’s 5-megapixel camera incorporates a heap going for it. First, it uses HTC’s ImageSense electronics, that the corporate says can speed up time between shots and facilitate the phone capture pictures quickly. My expertise with the One SV confirmed that its camera so fires off photos in no time, nearly instantly in truth. i used to be additionally able to cycle between shots even as quick since the optical device locks onto subjects in an exceedingly fraction of a second.

HTC one sv Smartphone

The camera app, like all of HTC’s current phones, options a load of settings, scene, and shooting modes, beside color effects. For example an HDR mode takes advantage of the BSI (backside-illuminated) device, whereas a Panorama mode stitches pictures along to make wide shots. You also have the choice to manually choose the ISO from 100 up to 800.

The camera application boasts many options, settings, and shooting modes.

Unfortunately, all this imaging wizardry will only do a little. Still-life pictures I took inside had correct color however the details were flat .

Details in still-life shots weren’t sharp.

The colors were drab during this less-than-ideal lighting. Even worse was the lack of crispness in objects, whether or not it was the stone bricks of buildings or leaves of trees and bushes. Changing to the HDR mode did brighten things up however it did came with it’s issues.

Details were not that high even in outside shots.

HTC one sv Smartphone

HTC one sv Smartphone

HTC one sv Smartphone

HTC One SV performance as a smartphone

HTC one sv Smartphone

Despite its sleek, tiny stature, the HTC One SV comes equipped with an incredibly potent 1.2GHz dual-core snapdragon S4 that is backed up by 1GB of RAM. Even though it’s not a stylish quad-core chip, the One SV’s componets helped the phone run its Android Ice Cream Sandwich software system with ease. Navigating menus and gap applications looked silky-smooth to my eyes and I’ve never detected any sort of lag.

Benchmark tests confirmed my previous opinion. The HTC One SV notched a high Linpack (multithread) score of 282.5 MFLOPs, scoring higher than the HTC One X (privious 205.7 MFLOPs).

Cricket piggybacks on Sprint’s CDMA is the backbone for communication. Check calls I created in New York weren’t that spectacular. Calls I dialed from landlines were clear, however not terribly loud, even though the phone’s volume was set all the way up. People on the other side of the line told me that my voice was flat, robotic, and compressed .

Call got even worse when I turned on the smartphone speakerphone, the audio was very rasp and muffled and I could barely make a word of what the other person was saying. In contrast, I could hear the conversation just fine once I flipped the phone over and exposed its speaker.

Cricket depends on Sprint’s fledgling 4G LTE network. That’s useless to me since Sprint hasn’t extended its 4G LTE coverage to New York. As a result I only was able to have 3G network speeds, with downloads barely cracking 0.4 Mbps and uploads averaging a better 0.89 Mbps.

Data speeds were strictly 3G in New York

Drawing power from  1,800mAh removable battery, the One SV proved that it has lots of stamina. The device lasted for seven hours and twenty seven minutes within the CNET Labs video playback battery drain check.

HTC one sv Smartphone

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