HTC One X Smartphone Features

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HTC One X Smartphone is this still the leading phone

This year has been smart for the HTC One X Smartphone to this point. the corporate has with success launched many sensible devices recently and HTC One X Smartphone is one in all them. This device is being seen as a rival to Samsung Galaxy Nexus and possesses some smart options and specifications. the wonder of the device are a few things that may straightaway catch your attention. This phone has a solid polycarbonate body having a shiny feel on all the perimeters. The polycarbonate material is employed within the body to confirm that it doesn’t interfere with the network signals. The phone weighs simply thirty grams.

HTC One X Smartphone

HTC One X is amongst the primary device by the manufacturer that has brought Beats Audio sweetening across all the apps. This phone possesses thirty two GB of memory, out of that twenty six GB is obtainable to the user to store folders and files. HTC One X smartphone use NVIDIA’s quad-core (plus one) Tegra three processor that runs at a speed of one.5GHz. The powerful processor comes beside 1GB RAM, that the HTC One X Smartphone has joined with the new NFC party, thereby adding the automaton Beam in it.

HTC One X Smartphone Screen

The screen size mensuration four.7 inches appearance vast. The picture element density is additionally 316ppi, that is incredibly spectacular. The dilutant pongid glass show beside a high-definition picture element matrix makes its screen joined of the most effective accessible within the market. the colours during this phone appear additional natural and much higher than alternative AMOLED show phones. If you’re searching for a wonderful all spherical imaging expertise then you need to use HTC One X Smartphone. it’s got associate degree 8MP backside light device that includes of wide aperture f2.0 optical device lens. although there’s one diode flash within the phone, it’s capable of adjusting to 5 completely different intensity levels and so will suit any scenario.

There is associate degree intrinsical computer code “ImageSense” within the device that helps you lots in enhancing the clicked pictures. it’s got lots of photograph redaction tools in it as well as HDR, moving picture and burst video, panorama views, period filters etc. you’ll be able to click photos and record videos on this phone at an equivalent time. the newest versions of HTC Sense, i.e., Sense four are often found during this phone. It will a fairly smart role in enhancing the performance of this device. The new Sense is way lighter and fewer heavy than the previous versions.

the HTC One is that the latest and greatest smartphone that packs power and speed with an outsized, sensible show. The front-facing camera on the One provides HTC One X Smartphone a smartphone with video-chat capability across all of UK’s major networks.

HTC One X Smartphone users perpetually sound off a scarcity of battery life in their devices, therefore the developers at HTC One X Smartphone gave the One a one,800mAh battery. The battery is claimed to produce twelve.5 days of runtime on standby and eight.5 hours of speak time. varied field tests have shown the phone will run roughly thirty six hours with moderate use throughout associate degree eleven hour workday and standby standing nightlong. additionally to increasing on existing technologies, new technologies facilitate push the HTC One to the front of the pack.

HTC One X Smartphone quad core processors any good?

The HTC One is that the 1st smartphones to hit the market with quad core processors. The Tegra three processor is obtainable solely on world versions of the phone as accommodations were created for LTE capabilities on U.S. devices. whereas it wills surrender the crown of America’s 1st quad processor phone, the HTC One still comes with a one.5GHz flower processor. Lastly, the HTC One comes out of the box swinging with the facility of Android’s four.0 OS and seamless integration with HTC’s Sense four HTC One X Smartphone.


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