HTC Sensation XL review

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HTC Sensation XL Review and İnformation

The HTC Sensation XL is one of the 2 new versions of the favored original Sensation. During this article I’ll investigate how the HTC Sensation XL performs as a camera phone.
HTC Sensation XL
The camera on the HTC Sensation XL operates at 8 megapixels, that is the same amount of megapixels as the original Sensation. The camera ensures smart quality results because of its resolution of 3264×2448, so you should expect crisp and clear pictures because of this enormous resolution. Thanks to the high-resolution touchscreen of this device (480×800), photos appear as sharp as they’ll ever be, and be even higher if you employ the handset’s DLNA property to wirelessly stream them to a compatible TV.

Details of the HTC Sensation XL

Of course the camera on the HTC Sensation XL has the power to shoot video footage. Not like the first Sensation, it doesn’t capture 1080p resolution video, only 720p HD. Even though the standard is lower than a lot of other handsets, it still provides clear, sharp footage that looks nice on a TV or display screen and the quality remains top-notch compared to other smartphones.

To ensure that photos and videos area captured in optimum quality, there are a variety of enclosed options that make the camera easier to use. Some of these options are dual-LED flash, face detection and bit focus. A number of these options can be set to automatic, thus the camera will do all the work for you, you just have to line up the shot and press the button. Even the flash has automatic setting that detects light-weight levels.

As you’ll see, the camera on the HTC Sensation XL is very useful, and because of its powerful options and ease of use, it makes a perfect a perfect camera phone for all those photographers out there.

Of course there’s more to the HTC Sensation XL than simply its camera; there’s an oversize touchscreen, quick internet browsing over Wi-Fi or 3G networks, and a strong 1 GHz processor to ensure swish performance. The phone looks really nice in white too. One of the most marketed features is the Beats Audio technology, thus it excels as a music phone and there’s even a Beats Audio receiver enclosed with the smartphone.

HTC Sensation XL with Beats By Dre 

HTC Sensation XL camera

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